Are you tired of receiving endless notifications? So are we, and that’s why with the OurHood app, you choose exactly what you want to be notified about.

Changing your notification settings is a short and simple process, where not only you can decide which notifications you want, but also how you receive them.

How to choose your notification settings:

OurHood App

Open the OurHood App.
Click the “Hamburger Menu” icon (3 horizontal lines)
in the top right-hand corner.


Next choose “Settings” – second from the bottom.


Under “Notifications”, make sure your “Push” notifications are activated.
This allows your phone to alert you when you have
received a notification from OurHood.

Here you can also turn-off notifications for emails, thus there iss no need to go on your laptop, tablet, etc, when you want to find our
what is happening in your hood.

And there you have it – just 5 minutes and no more irrelevant notifications.

The OurHood Team 🙂

Connecting Neighbours and Strengthening Communities.

Download the OurHood App and stay in the loop of what is going on in your neighbourhood anytime, anywhere. Among other features, users can instantly post messages and alerts, chat to neighbours in real-time and receive important notifications.

Download it here:

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