Home security and safety in the neighbourhood probably tops most people’s list of what makes them feel secure. And while there are many security companies and projects and strategies aimed at keeping you safe, the most basic and effective safety precaution is often overlooked.

Get to know your neighbours

According to a recent article published in the Pretoria East Rekord, the local police are working hard to encourage residents to get to know their neighbours.

Neighbours who worked together to keep their communities safe enjoyed the advantage of recognizing and solving small problems before they morphed into more serious ones, said spokesperson Captain Colette Weilbach of the Brooklyn Police.

Stay in touch with your neighbours

The police said that it is important to have the names, addresses and telephone numbers of your immediate neighbours readily available in case of an emergency.

“Particulars of the neighbour’s domestic workers and gardeners are also helpful to be able to identify when there are strangers on the neighbour’s premises.

“Sometimes a neighbour might see a criminal breaking into a house across the street and when they call the police to report it, they do not know who lives there or what the address is,” said Captain Weilbach.

Your neighbourhood’s digital noticeboard

OurHood is designed especially with these thoughts in mind. We know that connected neighbours make safer communities.

That’s why we’ve built you a private and secure neighbourhood website specially designed for you and your community.

It’s a free service that allows you to make your neighbourhood safer and better through communication and awareness.

Thousands of South African communities use OurHood to discuss crime issues, social topics, council problems and local services.

OurHood provides a digital notice board for residents, in clearly defined neighbourhoods, to improve their communities through technology.

It offers a crime prevention and awareness service for you and your neighbourhood.Communities are kept informed of any suspicious activity and can also inform each other instantly of any urgent crime, safety or municipal updates via SMS, email and cell phone notifications.

Once you have signed up as a neighbour on OurHood, you can also:

  • Form live chat groups with your neighbours and people in your street.
  • Have instant access to important and emergency numbers in your neighbourhood.
  • Alert you neighbourhood about a house break-in or electricity outage.
  • Create a communication channel for your neighbourhood watch, ward councilor, police, civic association and any other community agency.
  • Gather support for a community organisation or project.
  • Sell, borrow or buy things from trusted people.
  • Promote your home business or find a local service provider
  • Get to know your neighbours.

Get to know your neighbours on OurHood. Sing up for free today at www.ourhood.co.za

Your friendly neighbours at OurHood!