We have Facebook to stay in touch with friends, Uber to catch a ride and Twitter to share our thoughts. But there is one aspect of our physical lives that is yet to be specifically catered for online – connecting to our neighbours.

OurHood allows you to do just that by providing a digital notice board specially designed for neighbourhood communication.

It gives you a private and secure neighbourhood App that provides the local relevance and safety lacking on other social networks.

What is OurHood?

It is a free local social network available on desktop, mobile browsers and Android and iOS Apps.

OurHood allows residents, in clearly defined neighbourhoods, to access important local information, share community updates, form live chat groups with neighbours, support local businesses and initiatives; and get trusted recommendations.

Community organisations such as neighbourhood watches, civic associations and residents’ forums can form a direct channel to communicate with the community they serve.

Here are a few ways communities have used OurHood:

– A resident in Lonehill, Johannesburg used OurHood to report a pet cockatiel that looked lost and managed to reunite the bird with its owner, also a member of OurHood.

– Neighbourhood watches recruit volunteers through OurHood for their neighbourhood safety patrols and upload weekly reports on the criminal activity in their areas.

– A security company sends regular, customised security posts to over 100 neighbourhoods in Durban. They inform residents about arrests and provide tips on how to get involved in crime prevention initiatives

The OurHood promise

Safety, privacy and creating safer communities across South Africa remain the driving force at OurHood and we appreciate your support in helping achieve this.

We promise:

  • Your neighbourhood is exclusive to your actual, verified neighbours
  • OurHood will always be free to residents.
  • All advertising will be beneficial to your community and will be non-intrusive.
  • Establish and maintain relationships with community organisations working to better your neighbourhood.
  • We welcome feedback, comments and suggestions to improve our service to you.

Your friendly neighbours at OurHood