World Clean Up Day

In 2018, on 18th September, 18 million people across 157 countries and territories united for the biggest waste collection day in human history. Whilst it is an impressive statistic, we believe that we can beat this record!

Saturday 21st September is World Clean Up Day. This day depends on people coming together from across the globe to do their part for the planet. At OurHood, we too believe that together we can get more done. So open up your OurHood app, call upon your neighbours, and let’s get cleaning.

How to organise a clean up

Protea Valley Residents doing their part for their neighbourhood last year!

Step One: Recruit volunteers
Using the OurHood chat, call upon your neighbours for volunteers. Ask these neighbours to spread the word too so that you can get as many people involved as possible.

Step Two: Organise a date. 
Choose a date which is best suited to the majority of volunteers, then make an Event post in OurHood. Whilst evenings are a good option, weekends ensure for plenty of time to get stuck into the challenge.

Step Three: Select a target 
Together come up with a location which you believe would be a good place to tidy. Think beaches, parks, streets. Be mindful of how many numbers you have on board so that you will be able to fit in the chosen location.

Step Four: Check safety. 
As always with OurHood, safety comes first. Make sure to take into consideration key factors such as cars and vehicles on busy streets, or tide times at the beach (plan an event for 2 hours or more after high tide, and not on an incoming tide).

Step Five: Make it fun.
Just as important to us is that you have a good time! We know that picking up litter is not a glamorous task, so take music, plan prizes and reward volunteers with a good time.

Step Six: Join as a clean-up volunteer
Register your clean-up on the World Clean Up Day website so that your contribution is added to those across the globe! Register via this link

Don’t forget to tag @OurHood in any of you efforts and #ourhoodcleanup and #WorldCleanupDay

Clean Planet

Happy cleaning!

The OurHood Team 🙂

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