“It was not so long ago that women did not have equal rights, nor were they allowed any ownership of property or other entities. Luckily, the picture is much different and today women are empowered and celebrated. Lightstone, the trusted provider of comprehensive data and analytics for the property and automotive market, investigates women ownership in the automotive and property market.

Women and Property
Cindy Bezuidenhout, Lead Analyst at Lightstone Property explains that the data clearly shows that female buyers have been steadily increasing since 2016, noticeably overtaking the male and married couple markets. According to Bezuidenhout this trend could be indicative of female buyers becoming more economically empowered.”

This is an extract from an article by Lightstone about how women are becoming more economically empowered.

Here are some South African groups that have been doing just this, empowering women.

Future Females

Future Females is a movement to inspire more female entrepreneurs, and better support their success. They provide a platform digitally, physically and emotionally where women can connect, inspire and collaborate with each other, and access the resources they need to succeed. Future Females runs regular themed monthly events and workshops, where entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs can connect, learn and be inspired by experts and serial entrepreneurs.

Future Females was founded by Lauren Dallas and Cerina Bezuidenhout in August 2017 in Cape Town, after seeing the systemic lack of female representation in entrepreneurship and in the existing incubator, accelerator and funding programs that support founders. They wanted to build a platform where female entrepreneurs can connect, be inspired and inspire and feel supported to create, to fail and to win.

The Future Females team now exceeds 200 contributors globally, united by a shared belief that to drive change through technology and entrepreneurship, we cannot have just 50% of the world focused on it. More focus is needed to accelerate the success of aspiring and existing female entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, and Future Females aims to drive that focus.

Their big, hairy, audacious goal is for everyone in the world to be a Future Female – committed to and living by the Future Females manifesto.

They aim to increase the number and success of female entrepreneurs & intrapreneurs, by breaking down the barriers to access the resources they need to be successful.

They will be the go-to destination for the key resources (community, inspiration, education, support) that women need to achieve massive things.

Future Females will provide a space – physically, digitally and emotionally – where women can be empowered and supported to create, to fail and to win.

Their community operates in line with our five key values – collaborative, inclusive, give first, community-driven, take action.

Credit Future Females

88 Business Collective

88 Business Collective apart is that the programme offers Female Founders continuous business development support over an 18 month period. The Advisory Board is a platform for accountability and a sounding board for better business decision making. Collectively, they ensure business growth by increasing revenue, improving access to markets and an increase in net jobs created as Founders expand their reach and product/service distribution.

Credits 88 Business Collective


Women4Women is a non-profit (NPO) organisation focused on female empowerment and community upliftment. The main goal is to improve the lives of the less fortunate and previously disadvantaged women of South Africa by providing skills, training, and mentorship.

Their mission is to ultimately create jobs, increase income, grow small female businesses and entrepreneurs thereby empower females of all ages in all spheres of life to improve their circumstances.

Their founder, Cindy Nell-Roberts, is a well-known South-African celebrity, television presenter and Director of Cosmetic (Pty) Ltd. Cindy reached celebrity status as Miss South Africa and a Miss Universe runner-up in 2003, thereafter she became a popular television presenter and personality for shows such as Pasella, Survivor, Strictly Come Dancing and Wedding Bashers just to name a few.
Cindy spent over 15 years working with various charity projects and discovered that, above all, her passion in life is to help other women to improve their lives. The Women4Women foundation will focus on the empowerment and upliftment of women, with the end goal to help women improve their earnings, living conditions, confidence, appearance and to secure the future for their children.
Women4Women will fund projects such as the End girl hate initiative, founded by South African singing sensation, LeAnne Dlamini, as well as the Look good feel better cancer association.
The Women4Women foundation has partnered with the Mrs. South Africa Pageant (a female empowerment and upliftment programme) and will be the official beneficiary of the Mrs. South Africa annual fundraising ball.
Funds raised at the ball will be distributed to community projects which focus on job creation and aiding female entrepreneurs. Over and above these projects, funding will be redistributed back to the Mrs. South Africa semi-finalists who will qualify for bursaries from the foundation so that they can continue to support community projects in their respective provinces. Mrs. South Africa finalists are required to start community projects during the period of their entry but often do not have the financial means to sustain some wonderful initiatives.

Cited from Women4Women

After reading about these three inspirational groups, I hope you get motivated to join one of these groups or even try starting your own organization.

If you know of any other women empowering groups, share them in the comments section.

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