Are you going to miss the sunshine, the lazy days on the beach and all your other favourite summer activities in your neighbourhoods? It’s that time of year again when the cold takes over. But do not worry, we have created a list of 8 interesting things for you to do during the not so sunny season! [expand title=”Read More…”]
1) Visit the aquarium
When last did you go on an outing to the home of those wonderful little sea animals? The upcoming cloudy days could be a great opportunity for you to have a look at a number of fascinating creatures from near and far. See here for more information.

2) Visit a museum
Find a moment to visit your favourite museum. Sports, History, Science or wherever else your interests lie, South Africa hosts many different opportunities to feed your passion! See here for a list of museums around SA.

3) Indoor escape game
If you’re in Cape Town, this is a must. Hint Hunt is an hour-long challenge where small groups of players are locked in a room. They have to put on their thinking caps on and solve a series of riddles, puzzles and mysteries to break free before 60 minutes have passed.

4) Welness and spa
Why not treat yourself with a nice massage or a warm sauna? Both your body and your mind will be thankful. If you want to share this relaxing moment with your partner, there are also various packages for couples. Top ten spa resorts in SA.

5) Going to the gym
How about using this opportunity to hit the gym and get some exercise. You wont feel like you are missing out on much outside and will feel great afterwards!

6) Comedy Clubs and Theatre Shows
Not much can distract you from the dull weather quite like some laughter or a really good theatre performance. Check out your local club or theatre to see what is showing.

7) Bakeries and Cafes
Sometimes we deserve a little sweet, warm reward. So, why not treat ourselves to a delicious cupcake and cup of hot chocolate? This is a pleasant cliché during these cold winter days.

8) Food tasting
Have you ever thought about Tea, Chocolate, Grappa, Biltong or Beer tasting?
If the answer is no, then the right moment has just arrived! These experiences are perfect antidotes to this dreary weather, and will amaze your taste buds.

Keep Warm Neighbours,

– The OurHood Team [/expand]