Greeting new neighbours is always a nice gesture to make a great first impression and possibly begin a really solid relationship that will set you in good stead for years to come.

If you see a “For Sale” sign on the lawn next door marked with “Sold”, you can expect your new neighbours to be on their way.

We’ve come up with some nice tips for you to help your new neighbours feel welcome:

  1. Introduce yourself: A day or two after your new neighbours have moved in, go over with your family and introduce yourselves.
  2. Take some delicious goodies: It’s always nice to take a treat as a welcome gift. You could bake a cake or make something that’s typical from your culture…
  3. …Or wine: a bottle of wine would be greatly received as well!
  4. Get a group of neighbours together to help with the move: When you see the moving truck pull up, get a group of neighbours together to help your new neighbours unload. Not only are you offering a friendly service, but this is a great way for everyone in the neighbourhood to get acquainted.
  5. Host a dinner party: Give your neighbours a few days to get settled and then invite them over for a dinner party. You may want to invite two or three couples from the neighbourhood over as well so your new neighbours can meet more people.
  6. Tell them about OurHood: The only online platform where they will be able to connect with their neighbours. When they join the platform:
    – They will have access to their specific important neighbourhood numbers
    – They will be able to buy their necessities on the lifestyle directory section
    – They will have access to the local deals in their neighbourhood and get some great discounts!
    – They will receive notifications of any crime alerts
    – They will be able to connect with their local community group (neighbourhood watch etc)
    – They will have access to all the important info that a new person wouldn’t immediately know – such as rubbish bin days, where to get the best coffee, special events in the neighbourhood etc.

So, what are you waiting for? We urge you to make your new neighbours feel at home, involve them in your activities and create a really strong community: click on, and login, or sign up, and go welcome your new neighbours! While you’re at it, go and invite all your friends to join OurHood too!

Connecting Neighbours. Strengthening Communities.

– The OurHood Team

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