We’re halfway through Spring and the weather is finally more sun than glum!
It is also a time for new beginnings, and we wanted to give you some ideas and tips to help you improve your surroundings – for yourself, both in your home and in your neighbourhood.


Halloween is around the corner, and the weather will be perfect for an exciting neighbourhood event. Halloween not only allows for your kids to (safely) have fun and make new friends, but also for you to meet your neighbours, to network and have a great time together as a community!

Read our blog from last week for more tips and ideas about putting together the best Halloween neighbourhood event!

Keep It Simple.

In the beginning of the month, we had a look at how clutter can affect your mood.

Our surroundings can stress us out, take up headspace, and make day-to-day living harder than it needs to be.

Reducing the clutter in our lives – be it physical, digital or otherwise – allows us to tackle stressors head-on, which benefits our mental health.

Do you have one of those drawers where you just throw anything and everything into?
Start there and take it just one step at a time.

You can even use OurHood to organise a garage sale using the classifieds section and find buyers amongst your neighbours!

Paint and Decorate!

Bring some colour into your neighbourhood by getting together with your neighbours and offering to repaint the local Pre-Primary School or crèche.
You can even decorate the walls with flowers and animals.

Random Acts of Kindness.

As we discussed in our blog about Breast Cancer Awareness, there are ways in which you can help those that are going through a difficult time in their lives.

If you know that your neighbour hands are full right now, offer to lighten their load by making dinner for them one night, mow their lawn, offer to take and fetch their kids to and from school or take their dogs for a walk…

It might seem like something small to you, but you can be sure to be helping them in the biggest way.

Outdoor Events This Weekend

Eastern Cape
The Bedford Garden Festival is this weekend (19 – 21 October), from 08:00 – 17:00.

Western Cape
The Eden Kite Festival is this Saturday (21 October), in Sedgefield, from 09:30 – 16:30.

The Tsogo Sun Amashova Cycling Event is this Saturday (21 October), in La Lucia, from 05:30 – 17:00.

The Diepkloof Half Marathon 21km, 10km & 5km Fun Run is also this Saturday (21 October), in Soweto, from 06:00 – 09:00.

We hope you all have a wonderful Spring and Summer!
From your friendly neighbours at OurHood

PS. Can you believe it’s almost Christmas?!