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Whilst many of you are already active neighbours in the OurHood community, there are some of you who may not yet be members, or who simply feel they are not fully utilising their membership. That is why we wanted to write a brief guide on what OurHood is, and how you can make the most out of its features.

What is OurHood?

OurHood is a free local social network available on desktop, mobile browsers, and both Android and iOS Apps. It allows residents, in clearly defined neighbourhoods, to access important local information, share community updates, form live chat groups with neighbours, support local businesses and initiatives; and get trusted recommendations. At the same time, community organisations such as neighbourhood watches, civic associations and residents’ forums can form a direct channel to communicate with the community they serve.

What makes us different?

Whilst WhatsApp and Facebook messenger are both fantastic tools, they are simply not designed for neighbourhood communication. Unlike other social messaging apps, with OurHood, your cell number will remain anonymous and you are given the choice to opt in and out of groups. Somewhat more importantly, your membership is based on your geographical location so that you only receive information specific to you, and all neighbours must be verified so you know that you’re are talking to real neighbours.

Why should you get to know your neighbours?

A neighbourhood is so much more than a residential area. What truly makes a neighbourhood is the people that live there and their connection with one another. Getting to know your neighbours will benefit your community mentally, physically and emotionally. OurHood allows you to create and foster neighbourly relationships by providing you with a private and secure platform designed for you and your community.

The OurHood Noticeboard:

The OurHood noticeboard is divided into General, Alerts, Classified, Partner and Recommendations. These simple sections eliminate the need to trawl through irrelevant content. You are able to choose which posts you receive notifications for by editing your notification settings. This means that if you have chosen only to receive notification for Alerts, you will not be bothered when number 8 is trying to sell her lawn mower, or number 4 is looking to start a local sports team.

Ways to Use OurHood:

Boost community safety – use the OurHood platform to report any suspicious activities going on in your local area. Crime and safety is a community effort. Proactive residents increase family safety, thwart criminal activity and promote an overall securer area.

Get help quickly – whether you are looking to borrow some cooking scales, are in need of a babysitter, or simply after a good restaurant recommendation, your neighbours may just be the answer. More often than not, help is quite literally ‘just around the corner.’

Report lost pets or items – reunite owners with their lost four-legged friends or missing scarf by reporting it on your neighbourhood live chat.

Sell and exchange goods – whether you’re looking to sell a sofa, or simply have some left over baking ingredients you think someone could want, use the ‘Classified’ section to buy, sell and swap goods with your neighbours.

Create groups – from running clubs to community gardening to book clubs, use OurHood to form groups within your community. Not only can you create groups, but you can choose to decline a group if it doesn’t appeal to you.

Neighbourhood associations – there is a feature for ratepayer associations and neighbourhood partners which allows them to send posts and notifications to users who have the Partner notifications turned on. This is a great way for neighbourhood watch groups to broadcast important and relevant information to local residents.

Create and post an event – invite your community to attend a community event, meeting or market by posting an event in your hood.

Support local – our newest feature allows local businesses to post special deals for residents, benefiting both the customer and the owner.

Create a thriving community – building and maintaining trusted relationships on OurHood will reflect into real life and boost the social networks in your community. Too often we do not have much time to socialise in our busy lives. Yet it does not take much time to connect with your neighbours. Pop over for a quick cup of coffee or go for a family dinner across the street. The truth is, your neighbours are some of the easiest and most convenient friends you can have.

The OurHood Vision:

Our mission is to connect neighbours and create safer communities across South Africa, and in order to achieve this we need your help! Sign up today via the link below: 

Together we can Connect Neighbours and Strengthen Communities.

The OurHood Team 🙂