OurHood revolves around the simple, yet essential, concept of community. We aim to help build stronger, safer and more inclusive communities by bringing residents together. The private online platform allows neighbours to connect with one another in a safe and secure way and share anything from crime and safety alerts to lost pets to upcoming events.  

Yet there is an art to being a good neighbour. As with all relationships, there are boundaries and unspoken rules which we should recognise. Whilst the purpose of Ourhood is to connect neighbours, we wish for our users to do so in a thoughtful and considerate manner. When posting on your OurHood neighbourhood chat, we urge you to always think about how your neighbours may feel upon reading them. In other words, communicate to them as you would wish to be spoken to. As a simple reminder, below is a copy of the guidelines for use of the Neighbourhood Group. Follow these simple tips, and not only will you be on your way to being a great neighbour, but you might just make some lasting friendships too.  



  • Strive to be a better, more considerate and caring neighbour 
  • Treat everyone with respect 
  • Try to keep objective and focus on the issues 
  • Give all members a chance to post their messages  
  • Engage with the site daily and try to respond to posts positively and helpfully 
  • Recommend local businesses and services (without promoting spam or self-promotion) 
  • Use the platform to get rid of old goods and clutter which other neighbours may need 
  • Always spread good news in our hood 
  • Share details of events and activities which could benefit others 
  • Add a photo to your profile! 




  • Use profanities in any posts. We reserve the right to delete such posts 
  • Engage in petty arguments and personal attacks 
  • Post any messages which may be construed as derogatory  


Not yet a member? Join the hood today via this link. Or perhaps you are part of a local organisation such as a neighbourhood watch or civic association (or know someone else who is)? If so, sign up here and start connecting with your community today!

The OurHood Team 🙂

Connecting Neighbours, Strengthening Communities