OurHood has teamed up with our friends at vida e caffè to give you a really fantastic little gift as a thank you for being such a great neighbour!

We’re giving you a R50 vida e caffè voucher for every person you invite to OurHood. What’s more, they will get a whopping R100 voucher! We are here to connect neighbours, and what is better than connecting them around a cup of coffee?


To get your vida e VOUCHER all you have to do is:
1) Login to OurHood and click the ’Invite your friends’ button
2) Add as many email addresses you want to invite (up to 10 at a time) and click on send
3) Then, you will get a R50 voucher for every person you invite that signs up

So, what are you waiting for? Start inviting here…

You better hurry if you want to get your free coffees on, because they’re disappering fast…

Don’t forget to share your stories on your OurHood page, and our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages #caffèinOurHood

Connecting Neighbours. Strengthening Communities.

– The OurHood Team

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  • Rules:
    We have R15,000 of vouchers to give away and this promotion ends when that runs out!
    All invites are tracked and audited to ensure no misuse.
    Please note that the competition is for sign-ups, and not invites. Once you have invited someone they should sign-up for you to qualify.