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Have you downloaded the new OurHood App?

We are excited to introduce you to the new OurHood App available on Android and iOS! What’s new on OurHood? Our new Apps have been released – offering greatly enhanced speed, messaging capabilities, functionality and more. We have expanded our development team to…

TECH TALK: Q&A on Classifieds and Recommendations

By now you must have seen the new Classifieds and Recommendation sections on OurHood. Maybe you’ve even managed to sell a few items to your neighbours. OurHood front-end developer, Micheal Botes gives us an overview of what work went into creating these new features that…

OurHood introduces new platform design

We are excited to introduce the re-design of OurHood, with a deep focus on the newsfeed and making your neighbourhood’s digital notice board more readable. As we’ve mentioned before, the OurHood team has been inspired by your stories and feedback to create a…

Tech Talk – Our Front End

In the last year, the OurHood engineers have had the strenuous task of rebuilding and rewriting the structure of the platform. This rewrite was necessary to not only transition from old technology but to also improve functionality, usability and design. Micheal Botes, OurHood…

In with the new at OurHood

It has been three years since the inception of OurHood and the interest and support for our neighbourhood communication platform have blown us away.

OurHood Groups and app v3.1

It is here!

OurTech – Share your love!

Are you so stoked on a post in your OurHood site? Do you like a message so much, you want to share it with the world? Good news! OurHood has a new feature. From today on, you can not only thank and comment…

Empowering Neighbours – Invitation Code

Don’t know your neighbours’ email addresses but want to invite them to join you on the OurHood platform? Well, we’ve made that possible for you! We always strive to make our service as easy as possible for all neighbours.

Invite your friends to join OurHood

Our true destiny is a world built from the bottom up by competent citizens living in solid communities, engaged in and by their places. David W. Orr Communities thrive when more people are actively involved and engaged.