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Support your local neighbourhood watch and increase safety in your community!

Neighbourhood Watch

  OurHood has been an invaluable platform for streamlining and providing accurate information between the GMWCP committee, the security service provider and residents. At the touch of a key, the committee is now able to reach a significantly larger audience than before with…

Proud Partnership: Gallo Manor Wendywood Community Protection NPC

Proud Partners

Thanks to the efforts of the Gallo Manor Wendywood Community Protection (GMWCP) to strengthen communication and collaboration between neighbours, 62 percent of Gallo Manor’s users report feeling more secure in their neighbourhood since engaging with OurHood. Since joining the OurHood community in 2017,…

OurHood celebrates partnership with Parkmore Community Association

Over the past two years, the adoption of OurHood in the Parkmore community in Johannesburg has more than doubled, making it one of the fastest growing neighbourhoods on OurHood. This is a result of the active local partner, the Parkmore Community Association (PCA),…

Mzansi Fire and Security partners with OurHood to keep Durban updated

On the heels of major upgrades to the design, user experience and stability recently made to OurHood, we are proud to announce a new partner and welcome Mzansi Fire and Security to OurHood. Mzansi Fire and Security is a family-run, community-driven security company…

Let’s Get Techy!

Cape Town communities are getting tech savvy with the I-CAN Centre!

Who you gonna call?

When there’s something strange in your neighbourhood, who you gonna call? The most obvious answer is the Ghostbusters. But while the group of monster hunters may be suitable for extinguishing ghosts and ghouls, they may not be equipped to help you with problems…

Local organisations join OurHood

Endless streams of often-irrelevant messages, time-consuming mass emails, expensive websites, constant group administration and the struggle to reach a wide audience. These are just a few of the problems local civic structures face when trying to communicate with residents.

Get involved in this great neighbourhood competition

OurHood has linked up with Nifty250 and 2oceansvibe in an effort to get you out and about and taking pics of your favourite neighbourhood spots.

Thank you for being such a great neighbour, your coffee is on us!

OurHood has teamed up with our friends at vida e caffè to give you a really fantastic little gift as a thank you for being such a great neighbour! We’re giving you a R50 vida e caffè voucher for every person you invite…

Beware of Muggings – here are our top tips!

Now we all know that occurrences of muggings are prevalent in South Africa’s neighbourhoods, so we’ve teamed up with our friends Blue Security, in KwaZulu-Natal to bring you the following tips: