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Proud Partnership: Gallo Manor Wendywood Community Protection NPC

Proud Partners

Thanks to the efforts of the Gallo Manor Wendywood Community Protection (GMWCP) to strengthen communication and collaboration between neighbours, 62 percent of Gallo Manor’s users report feeling more secure in their neighbourhood since engaging with OurHood. Since joining the OurHood community in 2017,…


After three years of lobbying, the Green Point Ratepayers’ and Residents’ Association (GPRRA) has finally convinced Heritage Western Cape to acknowledge that the Green Point Common is worthy of being declared a provincial heritage site. About Green Point Common The Green Point Common…

Local organisations join OurHood

Endless streams of often-irrelevant messages, time-consuming mass emails, expensive websites, constant group administration and the struggle to reach a wide audience. These are just a few of the problems local civic structures face when trying to communicate with residents.