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Bad Neighbours

Have some beef with your neighbours? The best way to resolve an issue is to talk about it. Make amends, share your stories and join your neighbourhood conversation today. Sign up or log-in to OurHood.

Our neighbours love their hoods!

The community we live in strongly influences our behaviour and moods. Our neighbourhoods have the ability to uplift us, inspire us and encourage us. Ourhood recently took to the streets of Woodstock, Cape Town to talk to people about the communities they come from and…

From Newcastle to Jozi – a tale of two hoods

Local creative, Nontobeko, shares her experiences of living in two hoods very different to each other. From the small town of Newcastle to the bustling streets of Jozi. Cities were always like people showing their varying personalities to the traveller… Where one city…

Farewell to community driven intern

Creative marketing ideas, crazy communications skills and a strong community spirit are just a few things that have made Kim van de Geest a valuable member of the OurHood team. Today we say goodbye to the face behind our rocking Twitter account and…

Does your hood deserve more? Become an OurHood Mayor!

There’s an old saying that goes something along the lines of “love thy neighbour”. And while the L-word is pretty scary, just getting to know your neighbour goes a long way towards building a great neighbourhood.

Welcoming newcommers to your neighbourhood

Greeting new neighbours is always a nice gesture to make a great first impression and possibly begin a really solid relationship that will set you in good stead for years to come.

Things to do this Easter

So it’s that time of year again when the Easter bunny hops back into town delivering some delicious chocolate eggs and treats. Looking back as an adult on this festive holiday, you can’t help but miss those exciting nostalgic memories of the child-you…