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What you need to know about OurHood

OurHood has been gaining traction in neighbourhoods all across the country. The number of users, new and old, logging in to keep updated on the happenings in their neighbourhoods is the highest we’ve had since we started more that two years ago. And…

Bad Neighbours

Have some beef with your neighbours? The best way to resolve an issue is to talk about it. Make amends, share your stories and join your neighbourhood conversation today. Sign up or log-in to OurHood.

Our neighbours love their hoods!

The community we live in strongly influences our behaviour and moods. Our neighbourhoods have the ability to uplift us, inspire us and encourage us. Ourhood recently took to the streets of Woodstock, Cape Town to talk to people about the communities they come from and…

Share the Hood love across South-Africa

It might be the most spoken topic ever, love. It appears in almost every movie, every book and every song. And yes, at OurHood we have learned to fall in love with our neighbourhood, whether it is because of your neighbours, the environment…

Here’s why to verify!

It is maybe the most spoken subject in OurHood. Without it, the platform would not have existed and 17.000 people would have not feel secure and comfortable in their neighbourhoods. We are talking about the verification process. It has been there since the…

Get involved in this great neighbourhood competition

OurHood has linked up with Nifty250 and 2oceansvibe in an effort to get you out and about and taking pics of your favourite neighbourhood spots.

Welcoming newcommers to your neighbourhood

Greeting new neighbours is always a nice gesture to make a great first impression and possibly begin a really solid relationship that will set you in good stead for years to come.