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Local association needs support to preserve public space

Our neighbourhoods are made up of buildings, houses, streets, businesses and public spaces. But it’s the people, cultures, traditions, monuments, activities and meaning that breathe life into our communities. These things form the heritage of our neighbourhoods. A local ratepayer’s association in Cape…

OurHood, Our Heritage

Heritage day is imperative to South Africans because it highlights our uniqueness. In honour of Heritage day we decided to focus on the rich diversity we possess at Ourhood.

The structures of our communities

From big metropolitans to cosy dorpies, South African towns are filled with their own magic that makes it special to those communities. Whether it is natural landscapes, beautiful scenery or rich culture, our towns are definitely unique.

Nelson Mandela Day

“It is easy to break down and destroy. The heroes are those who make peace and build.” Celebrated each year on 18 July, Nelson Mandela Day aims to inspire a ripple of good needs throughout the world, and looks to encourage individuals, communities,…

Children Holidays? We have the solution!

School is over and winter holidays has just started! Looking for new family activities and you are stuck in your city? Read below and plan some days thanks to our inspirational ideas for things to do in our beautiful country!

Newlands Village & its historical heritage

Newlands is not only the suburb with the highest average rainfall in Cape Town, it is also the sporting capital of the Western Cape – having presided over a century of national and international rugby and cricket games. Much of the area is…

Parkhurst & its naming legend


Parkhurst is one of the most popular residential suburbs in Johannesburg. A charming area, it is pretty – three of its borders are green belts. These open green spaces act as natural invitations to residents, who walk with their dogs and children around…

Sea Point & its eclectic lifestyle

Sea Point

The unique hustle and bustle of Sea Point is true to form, proving that this seaside suburb is one of a kind in Cape Town. With its significant high-rise development and beach-front promenade, Sea Point has attracted an eclectic collection of residents. Named…

Woodstock & its industrial touch


It’s not difficult to understand why Woodstock was at one stage the 3rd largest town in South Africa. Fine, we’re talking about the 1870s, but even so, Woodstock’s proximity to the harbour, the CBD & the railway line, as well as the large…

Green Point & its urban park

Green Point

Playing its urban part from slavery to emancipation then apartheid and, finally, freedom, Green Point has emerged a bustling cosmopolitan hub. Many of society’s members from Lord Somerset to impoverished immigrant workers, sailors, paupers, and some of the Cape Malay population have made…