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Heritage Day

Heritage Day is a South African public holiday celebrated on 24 September. On this day, South Africans across all spectrums of society are encouraged to celebrate their culture and the diversity of their beliefs and traditions. In the wider context of a nation…

Put SA first this September

September is a major month on South Africa’s calendar. Not only is it Heritage Month, with the 24th being Heritage Day, it also happens to be Tourism Month. Our heritage is our story, and our story is unlike any other.    Photo credits…

Proudly South African Recipes

South Africa is filled with rich culture. One of the main things that define South African culture is the variety of different food. Part of South Africa’s culture around food is that cooking is social and often brings multiple cultures together around the…

Culture intertwined – A visitors point of view

From the beautiful coast to the picturesque landscapes, South Africa has always attracted people from all over the world. Whether they’re here to visit, work or play, tourists and internationals have added to our rich culture.

OurHood, Our Heritage

Heritage day is imperative to South Africans because it highlights our uniqueness. In honour of Heritage day we decided to focus on the rich diversity we possess at Ourhood.