OurHood has been an invaluable platform for streamlining and providing accurate information between the GMWCP committee, the security service provider and residents. At the touch of a key, the committee is now able to reach a significantly larger audience than before with real time, accurate and verified security and safety information, revolutionising communication in the area. – Gallo Manor Wendywood Community Protection (GMWCP)

What is a Neighbourhood watch?

Neighbourhood Watch and other safety community organisations are an integral part of any community and play a significant role in many of our active Hoods. Neighbourhood watch schemes aim to bring residents together to take action and prevent crime in their community, making them safer places in which to live, work and play. Whilst these initiatives work closely with the police, they operate independently from them and are ran solely by their members who work together to ‘keep watch’ over their surroundings. Membership is based on volunteers, many of whom have day jobs, but work shifts after hours or over the weekend.

OurHood and Neighbourhood Watch 

Both OurHood and Neighbourhood Watches are are driven by the aim to reduce crime and build safer, stronger and more inclusive communities. As such, it only makes sense to work together to increase the level of security in neighbourhoods across South Africa. Not only does our platform provide a direct channel for such organisations to communicate directly (in real time) with the community they serve, it also gives neighbours an easy way to share information on crime and safety and other suspicious activities with their local neighbourhood watch so that everyone is as up to date as possible.

All community partners get a special profile and dedicated section on OurHood, designed to facilitate interaction between residents, the community and your organisation. The platform provides a private and secure communication tool that will allow organisations to talk directly to verified residents in the area you operate in. When the said organisation posts into the ‘News Feed’ section, people in the area will be notified automatically via email, SMS, and push notifications. 

OurHood is free for community partners and residents. There is no membership fee to be a part of OurHood. We aim to create safer, better and more connected neighbourhoods and believe that community partners are important role players in making this vision a reality.

To become a community partner on OurHood simply fill out a form which will be provided by one of us. We will contact your organisation, do a quick vetting process and build your community profile. Sign up here!

For more information on how to post as a partner, see here!


Partners get their own section within OurHood, allowing them to post as partners, send emails, push and sms, all to verified neighbours.


Why do we need neighbourhood watches?

Cut crime and opportunities for crime: neighbourhood watches have a significant impact on the level of crime in the given area. The fact is, the police cannot be everywhere all the time and according to Charnel Hattingh (the national marketing and communications manager at Fidelity ADT) strong neighbourhood watch systems are extremely effective in deterring robbers. 

Create awareness: neighbourhood watch schemes provide local residents with up to date crime advice so that they know how to respond in a certain scenario. 

Encourage alertness: being part of a watch also encourages members to be more alert and watchful so that they can do their part for their community. 

Reassure locals: being part of an active community who are looking out for one another helps to provide reassurance and peace of mind for members of the public, especially those who live alone or those who are concerned about leaving their home unoccupied whilst away. 

Encourage neighbourliness and closer communities: not only does an active neighbourhood watch deter crime, but it also helps build good relations between neighbours and members and foster community spirit. Getting involved in your local neighbourhood watch will help you better get to know your neighbours and learn how to look out for one another. 

Are you part of a local organisation such as a neighbourhood watch or civic association? Sign up here and start connecting with your community today!

The OurHood Team 🙂

Connecting Neighbours and Strengthening Communities.

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