Today, it has become common for people to share their lives on social media; letting others know what they’re up to, their thoughts, their opinions, their cat’s movements…

Blogs, however, allow people to express themselves much more creatively, doing deeper research on topics of discussion and give a more detailed reason for their opinions.

Blogs can allow people to review books, movies or tv series, or share their thoughts about their restaurant experiences – the type of blogger has such a wide spectrum which makes it an extremely fascinating workspace. 

Blogs also allow people to write about more serious topics, like politics, mental illness, or write posts which help an anxious first-time pregnant mom about another first-time mom’s daily experiences with her infant, and with handling the day-to-day struggles.

Businesses, like OurHood, use our blog to share various forms of information with you. We like to give you tips about our website, community’s actions that bring communities together, sharing stories about how you have become closer to your neighbours, giving you more information about how to make your communities safer, or update you about the happenings in our beautiful country, and hopefully inspire you to be better you!

Because it’s Women’s Month, OurHood decided to chat to 10 beautiful female bloggers around South Africa, who we thought are using their talents to put some positive energy out into “internet land”. They also reminded us what a stunning and diverse place we live in!

Here are the first 5 (Part 1)…

Nomali From Soweto

Nomali Cele’s blog is honest and personal and raw, and we love her for it.
“…I’m an honest person, so blogging in any other way would have felt inauthentic and probably wouldn’t have lasted.”
“I view my blog (and other writing) as a means of documenting the world as I know it and experience it, which by extension is documenting myself.”

Nomali has lived in Diepkloof, Soweto, from the age of 9 years old.
She says she enjoys the community and feeling “part of something”.

Photo from Instagram: @nomalifromsoweto

But, unfortunately, Nomali is not happy about the state of her country right now.
“…women are being killed and people are struggling. Of course, I know we will get to a better place… but I wish we didn’t have to go through this particular point.”
She says she definitely has hope though.

Nomali was born KwaZulu-Natal and says she enjoys the “homeyness” of Durban. “…(I) lived outside of Isipingo until I was 8 and I’m never not dreaming myself back there.”
“…in Soweto we don’t have trees. I miss (the) green and bodies of water.

Photo from Instagram: @nomalifromsoweto

A digital content producer for a radio station in Johannesburg, Nomali also freelances as a writer/critic, a digital consultant and copywriter.
She says she started blogging because she “…wanted to feel less alone and to work on my writing.”
“When I discovered plus size style bloggers my mind was blown: My mother wasn’t lying – I can be fat and happy and successful and hot and, and…
Then I started reading Tavi Gevinson’s Rookie Magazine and it showed me what was possible in writing.

You can be funny, honest and serious.
What kept me returning to the blog, on the other hand, is being excited to share.

Photo from Instagram: @nomalifromsoweto

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Liezel Malherbe, a full-time blogger, grew up in Stellenbosch, in the Western Cape Winelands.

We asked Liezel where the environmentally friendly and proudly South African elements of her blog, 9lives, stemmed from.
“…as someone who runs their own business, I know how important it is to get support from your local community.
“Local brands create more work for our local population, and most of the time local designers create products in a fair and sustainable way.

From: Instagram: @9lives
Pic credit: Liezel Malherbe

Again, the proud Saffa says there are so many things to love about this country.
“The natural beauty is incredible! A short road trip will take you from pristine coastlines to groomed winelands, through rocky Karoo veld and on to lush forests.
“I also love our shared sense of humour and the ability to find common ground across cultures with a couple of jokes.
“Oh, and we can’t leave out the food! Vetkoek, chakalaka, Cape Malay Curry, tjops and braai broodjies, roosterkoek, snoek and patat, koeksisters and malva pudding!”

From: Instagram: @9lives
Pic credit: Liezel Malherbe

When asked what her favourite thing about her community is, Liezel said:
“I wouldn’t really say I belong to just one community. There are my neighbours, my work family, online community and fellow creatives, and each brings a unique joy to my life.
“With all of these, it is special to feel that you are part of something bigger, that you are building something together, and that you belong somewhere.”

My hope is to help people find the best ways to spend their time and money, and to inspire them to make the most of this one life.” And OurHood believes Liezel is doing just that!

From: Instagram: @9lives
Pic credit: Liezel Malherbe

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Croissants in Bed

Eljoh van Rensburg was ”…born and raised on a wine farm in a little town called Rawsonville,” outside Worcester, in the Western Cape. She is currently living in Stellenbosch, while studying BTh Youth Work.
“I am in love with Stellenbosch, and would choose to stay in the Boland for the rest of my life!”

From: Instagram: @croissantsinbed
Pic credit: Instagram: @pvanrensburg

When looking at her blog, Croissants In Bed, you can immediately see that overall wellness is a very important part of Eljoh’s life.
I’ve just always been really passionate about wellness. In my studies I work with psychology and sociology, so that led me to see wellness as a vital part of life.

“But more than that, in my personal life, I enjoy reading wellness articles, self-care posts, and I follow a few lifestyle/wellness vloggers on YouTube.
“I also started doing yoga and living a healthier life about two years ago, and that opened a door to this wellness journey.”

Eljoh loves the nature South Africa has to offer.
“We have the Karoo, the seaside, fynbos, mountains, etc,” and she loves the Western Cape in particular for other reasons, like “…the slower lifestyle, craft EVERYTHING, so many local businesses, all the coffee shops, green initiatives, and of course the little markets.”

From: Instagram: @croissantsinbed
Pic credit: Instagram: @theharvestlady

Eljoh says her blog is a creative outlet.
“I love writing, and I love sharing my thoughts with the world. Croissants In Bed is… a place to share light and love (and tips).”

OurHood asked Eljoh what gets her up in the morning, and her answer left us absolutely inspired;
“I like to believe that I live for others – It’s not about me.
“…my motivation is shaped by my faith, and my belief that the world can be a better place, and it is our job to make it better for the people that we encounter.”

From: Instagram: @croissantsinbed
Pic credit: Instagram: @polly.florence

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Life with Asha Singh

Asha Singh is from Port Shepstone, a small seaside town on the south coast of KwaZulu-Natal.
One of my favourite things about my community is that I’m surrounded by families I grew up with and everyone knows everyone.
I travel quite often so the familiarity of home gives me so much comfort!
There truly is no place like home,” she smiles.

When you read Asha’s blog, you feel as though you’re talking to her in person, and talking to your friend.
Plus! She discuss a wide variety of topics, from the the stock market, girl power, life lessons…
My blog is called LIFE by Asha Singh so it all falls under “Life”!

Photo from Instagram: @lifebyashasingh

When I’m choosing what to write about, there are 2 things on the checklist: It needs to be a topic that I’m passionate about and it needs to be something that I’m knowledgeable on.
My academic and general interests involve feminism, current affairs, activism and the economy, so those are things I write about.”

“I also enjoy going to exciting events and travelling, so I try to share that as well, because people tend to get a bit overloaded with “heavy” content and it’s fun writing about these light-hearted aspects of my life too!”

Photo from Instagram: @lifebyashasingh

“My favourite thing about South Africa is definitely the diversity of this country and its people – as cliché as that sounds!
I’m always travelling the country and lived in all corners (from Stellenbosch to Bloemfontein to KZN), and it’s always such a completely different experience!

My favourite town is Clarens in the Free State – it’s such a hidden gem and perfect for a weekend trip.
For a longer trip, the Winelands have a special place in my heart, I can just get lost in all the wine farms!”

Asha says she started blogging when she started studying.
“I was studying my BA in Politics, Philosophy and Economics and my blog actually started as a way for me to summarise for my friends what’s going on in politics in a way they could understand and relate to.
I would write a short post with tons of gifs, like this one: A (SLIGHTLY TIPSY) TAKE ON SOUTH AFRICA’S BUDGET SPEECH.

While that was the initial reason for my blog it evolved a lot as other people started to also read it.
And we are so glad that it did!

Photo from Instagram: @lifebyashasingh

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 Sugar & Spice

“Our country has so much potential and so many different aspects of beauty to it.  The scenery, the cultures, the food, the places, the people…”

Siobhan Yeatman lives just outside of Hillcrest, in KwaZulu-Natal.
“My community is quite small, but we all stick together.  When there are problems, we’ve seen neighbours band together to problem solve, and brave men and women in the area ensure our safety.  
“The people in our area are always happy to help out someone less fortunate, and are so damn friendly.”

From: Instagram: @sugarspiceblog2
Pic credit: Siobhan Yeatman

Siobhan has a thirst for knowledge and information, and this is made clear in her blog, Sugar & Spice.
She also loves cooking and baking, travel, makeup, skincare and beauty.
“I have so many varied interests, as do most people – we’re not one-dimensional. So, my blog is my space to use my creativity to speak about these interests.”

Her diversity shows in her professional life, as well.
“I blog part-time… I work in our family transport company, mostly in the Accounts and Human Resources departments, but I have my fingers in different parts of the business.
“I’m also a makeup artist, and work as that part-time, too.”

From: Instagram: @sugarspiceblog2
Pic credit: Siobhan Yeatman

But none of this is possible without her tea in the morning; “I don’t function in the morning without it.”

Siobhan says her blog is her creative outlet.  
“…my blog will always be honest, and filled with my own thoughts and opinions. I don’t want to be a sell out for a quick buck.”
She explains that it’s not a job, but a hobby.

From: Instagram: @sugarspiceblog2
Pic credit: Siobhan Yeatman

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OurHood is proud of these women and the positivity they are putting out there, simply by sharing their experiences and being themselves. They are true role models, and therefore, we’d like to urge communities to support their local bloggers, follow their social media pages, buy their products / the products they’re marketing, and maybe even be inspired to do something yourself that will make a positive impact on your community and those around you.