Because it’s Women’s Month, OurHood decided to chat to 10 beautiful female bloggers around South Africa, who we thought are using their talents to put some positive energy out into “internet land”. They also reminded us what a stunning and diverse place we live in!

Here are the second 5 (Part 2)…
[If you missed Part 1, read it here: SA Bloggers Who Inspire Us (Part 1)]


Eager Journeys

Although she was born in Poland, Iga Motylska has lived in Johannesburg from a young age. “South Africa is home, for now,” says the avid traveller.

“I love South Africa’s multiculturalism and diversity, we’re quite quirky too, when compared to other countries. And of course, there are so many magnificent places to explore. It’s not often that a single country can showcase deserts, grasslands, rainforests, such an extensive coastline, snow-capped peaks and some of the world’s oldest mountain ranges all rolled up into one. We’re luckier than we sometimes realise.”

Pic credit: Instagram: @igamotylska

But her love for travel stems from her parents. “…when I was younger they would make a road trip of our visits to Poland… We would land in Prague, Venice or Milan and drive to Poland, sometimes crossing numerous borders. “That’s what sparked my incessant love for travel – those adventures to see new places, learn new things, eat my way through a country and capture everything on camera.”

Iga understands the importance of meeting people with worldviews different from her own. “I’m (also) very curious by nature and always looking to learn something new, which is, perhaps, why I am writer.”

Pic credit: Instagram: @igamotylska

“My favourite South African destination has to be the Panorama Route in Mpumalanga, simply because of its natural beauty and diversity… The Garden Route and the Western Cape come in at a close second and third.”

“Travel teaches you so much about yourself, what makes you tick and what truly invigorates you,” says Iga. “It makes you humble and hopefully encourages gratitude too. You get the chance to confront those aspects of yourself that perhaps you might not be as well acquainted with when you are in your home country or within your comfort zone …and travel essentially challenges you to do things you wouldn’t normally do.”

Pic credit: Instagram: @igamotylska

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You can listen to Iga talking about all things travel on Talk Radio 702, Wednesday mornings at 05:15.


Amo Ramarothole wanted to enter Miss South Africa a few years ago, but the entry requirements left her rather unnerved.
She decided to start a blog for the everyday woman.

“I’m not a person who is actually outspoken or who will go out their way to comment on issues.
So, I decided to write it down somewhere and share it with an online community – people like me, who think like me and need someone to relate with.

Ever since then, my blog moved and changed drastically, because I’ve also changed, so I decided to be more lifestyle-based and focus on who I am and what kind of content would I want to read.”

Pic credit: Instagram: @orxyfox

“I choose my topics based on my everyday life experiences.
Sometimes you search for very specific things on the internet, or in and around your surroundings, and you barely find anything.
Or what you find is catered for a completely different market, a market that is say, not South African, (or) …out of your age group, etc.
So, I decided to incorporate such topics which are catered to the everyday woman/girl.
I aim for usefulness and reliability in my topics.”

Amo has recently achieved her Bachelor of Pharmacy and will soon be working as a Pharmacist.
“My first passion is… medicine accessibility and affordability; especially to those who need it the most.”

“I can’t wait to be in a pharmacy and start making a difference in my field.
I hate to see or hear of people dying from preventable diseases, or because they had no access to medicine, or because the medicine was unaffordable.
I want to start with my own family and my own community.
It’s so important for people to have access to all sorts of healthcare information and resources.

Pic credit: Instagram: @orxyfox

Amo loves her community of Roodekrans, Roodeport.
“I would have to say my favourite thing (about Roodekrans) is how peaceful it is around here, and the fact that I feel safe at any time.

I love being able to take a stroll around the neighbourhood or go jogging at any time of the day, and not feel an immediate sense of danger.
Safety and comfort are a big part of my life.”

The culture and heritage of our country is another thing that Amo appreciates.
“I love how every province has an identity of its own.
…the people, the food and even the weather.

My favourite destination is George, specifically the Fancourt Hotel, as it is so peaceful are beautiful.
If you drive there, you get to see the beautiful landscape, and all the lush vegetation is overwhelmingly beautiful.”

Pic credit: Instagram: @orxyfox

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Zorah Booley has lived in and around Cape Town her whole life.
“…this is definitely home for me. I love my community because of how close-knit it is, knowing that if you need help, someone is just a call away…”

Zorah’s blog is all about our favourite f-word: “food”.
“I have always loved food and trying new dishes out from a young age.
And as I grew up, that craving to keep learning just intensified.”

Pic credit: Instagram: @inthemidnightkitchen

“I felt that having studied food and having the knowledge to transform it from decadent to healthy and vice versa, would be something to talk about and hopefully others would enjoy this too.
“Blogging about food is very easy for me and comes naturally; I could talk about it all day…”

Of course, we wanted to know what Zorah’s favourite food is, but that was a difficult question for her to answer.
“I can never answer this question because it changes so often, but I do love my mom’s Indian style cooking, specifically Kiri Kitchri which is a traditional Indian dish.

My favourite restaurant at the moment would Mulberry and Prince in Cape Town.
I love the decor, ambience and the menu is always changing, which I love.
Also, it’s amazing for brunch, which is my favourite meal of the day.”

Pic credit: Instagram: @inthemidnightkitchen

Full-time Blogger, Zorah, started blogging because she wanted to talk about what she was learning while studying at Le Cordon Bleu.
“…which then translated into me wanting to talk about healthy eating and, soon enough, it became a weekly, if not daily, occurrence.
And I enjoy it so much – it’s really not a tiring or tedious process for me; I just enjoy baking and then writing about the dish comes naturally.”

“The drive I have to follow and reach my goals is the main thing that gets me up every day.
If you have a mission and a goal that is either near or far, stop at nothing, and I mean nothing, to achieve it.
I think knowing what you want out of life and striving for that is motivation (enough) to achieve anything.

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Unfailing Freedom

Ilka Steyn’s blog is raw and honest.

Born, bred, and still living in The Moot, Pretoria, Gauteng, the blogger says being honest is simply just part of who she is.

“I… struggled writing the article about anxiety. Admitting I have anxiety made me feel weak for so long. But as I learned to cope with anxiety, I realised that sharing my feelings/story helped me embrace my “dark side” and accepting it as a part of who I am.
“Writing helps me to process and understanding life a bit better.”

From: Instagram: @unfailing_freedom
Pic credit: Ilka Steyn

Unfailing Freedom also highlights the diversity our country has to offer.
“If you study drama, you get exposed to an array of cultures and beliefs – which forms the foundation of art.

“To make, understand, and love art, you have to be open-minded. And when you open your mind to things or people different from (yourself), you start to see the whole forest: a forest with different types of trees and plants. “No linear lines or definitive patterns; no rules, just like art. And that is what makes it beautiful!”

From: Instagram: @unfailing_freedom
Pic credit: Creative Commons

“I’m in love with the mountains,” says Ilka. Therefore, it’s no surprise that Clarens and Cape Town are her favourite places in South Africa.

But then again, her community has her heart, as well. “Many of the local and small businesses truly care about good service and giving back to the community.”

Ilka says her dogs and a good cup of coffee are her reasons to get up in the morning. “And I’ll add my husband to the list to avoid trouble.”
“But also the fact that I believe you never stop learning.” She says the idea of becoming stagnant in life is one of her greatest fears.

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Munchies and Life

Fefe Lehobye says she’s a Ngwana Pitori, which translates to a Pretoria native, as she was born and bred in Mabopane, just north of the city.
“Something I really appreciate about Pretoria is how friendly and helpful people here are. We love togetherness and are inviting.”

“South Africa is a melting pot of diversity.
A beautiful country with beautiful people and amazing cultures – I love everything about it.
I really love the coasts and the mountains.
I would love to go to the Tsitsikamma National Park, on the Garden Route, and the Western and Eastern Cape.”

Pic credit: Instagram: @thatcakefefe

Fefe describes herself as a foodie, and says she is always conscious about what she puts in her body;
“…which is why you’ll see the healthy and not-so-healthy but yummy food on my blog.
Plain meals are boring, so making and eating ordinary food with a twist is the way to go.”

Fefe says she likes to stay busy.
“I love being productive because nothing good comes from boredom.
I love being inspired and inspiring others – that gets me up in the morning.
That, jogging and a strong cup of coffee.”

Pic credit: Instagram: @thatcakefefe

But, of course, she also loves blogging.
“I’ve always loved blogging since high school.
I’d get fashion inspiration from Tumblr, that felt like it was made for me and that’s how I essentially started.
I wanted to express myself without boundaries and blogging was it…”
“I studied Journalism and that (too) pushed me into blogging because traditional news (tv, radio, newspapers, magazines, etc) was too ordinary for me… so, I started my blog; Munchies and Life.”

And Fefe is definitely not ordinary.
Being true to herself, she describes herself as “weird”, but we prefer the words “rare” and “special”.

Pic credit: Instagram: @thatcakefefe

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Once again, OurHood is proud of these women and the positivity they are putting out there, simply by sharing their experiences and being themselves. They are true role models, and therefore, we’d like to urge communities to support their local bloggers, follow their social media pages, buy their products / the products they’re marketing, and maybe even be inspired to do something yourself that will make a positive impact on your community and those around you.