It might be the most spoken topic ever, love. It appears in almost every movie, every book and every song. And yes, at OurHood we have learned to fall in love with our neighbourhood, whether it is because of your neighbours, the environment or just because you have grown up in that place.

In South-Africa,every single hood is different and special in its own way. For example, in the mother city, the neighbourhood Gardens is truly a hidden treasure. In the heart of this eye catching area, lays the popular Kloof Street with its characteristic restaurants. Busy, buzzing and electric, Kloof st. is the perfect place where you can enjoy a good meal, a glass of wine and some good music in a very chilled environment.

While Kloof Street is a roaring city street, the beaches in Uhmlanga, Durban, show a different side of South-Africa. A quieter, more relaxed side for people looking for a getaway from their city life.  While in Uhmlanga, walk along the coast line, bike on the boulevard and enjoy the beautiful skyline of Durban.

Pretoria offers little gems as well. However, for the family oriented, Pretoria Moot, together with, Rietondale Park, are the perfect places for family gatherings or play dates for your kids. But the most amazing and fascinating part of the neighbourhood is represented by the oak trees covering the streets.

Every city has its unique corners and hidden spots. The only way to find them is to see your area always through the eyes of a newcomer.

Do you have any special story you would like to share with us about your hood?

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