So, you’ve done everything you can to save water, but what about your neighbours?

What can you do if you see a neighbour’s lawn sprinkler going full blast, with water running into the street? Or a garden hose gushing water with no one around?  Maybe your neighbour’s outside tap has been dripping for the past month?

Now, OurHood gives you a friendly way to remind your neighbours about the importance of conserving water while many parts of South Africa are experiencing severe drought.

There is no doubt that water is a precious, finite resource. And with dwindling water levels across the country, every citizen needs to play their part in saving and not wasting water.

While some of us may be water wise, some of our neighbours are not quite clued up about the severity of the water shortages. Some people may not even know how to cut down on their water usage.

At OurHood, we believe that every effort is made easier when the community works together. Therefore, we have create a friendly, water conservation note that lets you politely take action when you see water being wasted.

These reminders have options for asking neighbours to conserve water in ways by:

  • Re-positioning sprinklers to prevent water from running into the street

  • Reducing the usage of sprinklers, especially when it’s raining.

  • Making sure that all leaks and dripping taps are fixed

  • Sweeping instead of hosing down their driveway.

  • Adhere to the water restriction prescribed by the municipality.

Saving water is all of our responsibility and while people may know there is a drought, it is hard for them to understand how their seemingly small actions can have a negative impact.

Here’s how you can take action:

  • Download the friendly water conservation reminder note

  • Attach it to your neighbour’s mailbox, front door or car windshield.

  • Hand it out to neighbours at the park or in the street (Use it as a conversation starter. )

  • Put it up at a local shopping centre, community notice board or business.

Share some more water savings tips, updates on the dam levels or information about the water restrictions on your neighbourhood’s private networking site.

Log in or sign up to OurHood today and join the conversation to make your neighbourhood better and safer. Share water saving tips and get your community to be water wise!

Your friendly neighbours