South Africa can sometimes be a dangerous place. With the use of technology, communities have been made safer and more secure for residents. Here are 5 apps that South Africans should use to ensure their safety at all times.


OurHood is a private online platform where you can connect with your neighbours, community and your local neighbourhood watch association. OurHood currently has 15000 users in the community and is still growing. Communities use OurHood on a regular basis to update users of ongoings in the neighbourhood. Especially where crime and safety is concerned. Users can also view and create events, local deals, message community members and create community group chats. Ourhoods belief is that by connecting neighbours you create a stronger community. The stronger the community the safer the community becomes and the better chances the community has for fighting crime.

Another reason why Ourhood is so great for fighting crime is due to the alert function. The alert function allows community members to send out notifications to all their neighbours if an emergency or crime occurs. This grants the community members a chance to be aware of the crimes in their community, help neighbours in need and even the chance to stay on the lookout for criminals in your area so you can notify the authorities.

Ourhood also provides emergency contact numbers for your specific neighbourhood. This means you can easily contact the correct people in the case of an emergency. However, OurHood is not the only safety application, there are a few others which do not encompass all the functions of OurHood but have specifically focused on panic button alerts and immediate response. These include MySOS SA, Namola, MiBlackBox, Life360 and a few other applications but these were the most diverse.


MySOS SA is an emergency contact app. It allows users to send GPS coordinates to their emergency contacts and notifies them of the emergency you are in and where you are. It also identifies the correct authorities you need to notify for your specific emergency.

The reason why this app can help create a safer environment for you is that it is a fast and responsive way to get help fast.

You can not only notify your emergency contacts of your location and emergency but also allow them to track you when you go for a run, hike or cycle or any other activity that you feel could be unsafe. The app also has a feature that directs you to the nearest hospital, vet, clinic, doctor, pharmacy, police station and dentist.


Another emergency contact app is Namola. Namola is used as a fast way to contact authorities in an emergency.

The way the app works is you send a GPS location to the 24/7 call centre. You then select the type of emergency you are in. The call centre then calls the authorities and notifies them of your emergency for you. You can also message the call centre any details that might be useful for the authorities. The correct people will them come to meet you at your location to assist with the emergency.

The reason why Namola is so great is that it is fast and, if needs be, an easy to conceal the fact you are contacting the authorities.


MiBlackBox is your own virtual eyewitness. It allows users to capture videos, images, and audio and sends this to your emergency contacts to notify them you are in trouble.

The other feature this app has is a panic button. The panic button triggers an automated call to MiBlackBox servers and allows for a secure voice recording to start.

The ideal situations to use the app is in the event of a motor accident, photos or videos can be uploaded detailing the scene, the persons involved and eyewitnesses; when you are being followed while driving or walking in which case a call can be made giving the details of your location and the motor vehicle or person involved; in roadblock interactions; in instances of domestic violence, potential date rape, assault or abuse; for any situations in which you feel threatened, insecure and or unsafe.


The Locator App not only lets you know where all of your registered family members are, but can also help locate your phone if you lose your Android device.

Stay in touch with everyone in your family network with quick communication and even receive alerts when family members reach specified locations. Setting up alerts in the App will allow you to know when family members have made it safely to their next destination.

The App also tracks your driving. It gives you a weekly driving report which informs you of how far you have driven in the week, how many times you have gone over the speed limit or braked too fast. It also can detect if you have had a crash and the Life360 team will notify your family members and authorities of the crash if you are in need of assistance.

Keep yourself and your friends and family safe by downloading these safety apps.

From your friendly neighbours at OurHood.