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According to SAPS in 2014 more than 19000 robberies “took place” in residential premises and 18615 in non-residential premises all over the country. During 2014, robberies at residential premises increased by 7.4%, and robberies at non-residential premises by 13.7%.

Everyone wants to feel safe in their neighbourhood so we’ve found a great solution that will make you feel safer: Enter AssetDot, and their product ‘DataDot’.

DataDot is a forensic marking device containing a microscopic and a unique serial number, which you place onto precious items.

Once you’ve placed your minuscule dots on hard-to-reach places on the devices & items you would like to protect, they are extremely hard to remove. DataDots are also nearly impossible to see with the naked eye – they are only visible with special tools. There are DataDots that are put on cars (over two million cars on SA roads are fitted with them) and DataDots home kits that contain dots that are 0.55 mm small in diameter.

DataDot has worked side by side with the SAPS and Business Against Crime for the past 13 years to help combat crime. In fact DataDot have trained over 16,000 SAPS police personnel and have supplied over 12,000 DataDot Identity Kits to the SAPS – the SAPS are well equipped to identify your stolen and recovered assets!

Here’s the exciting part: Because we at OurHood love the product so much (and we care about your security), we have teamed up with AssetDot to give you a fantastic deal.

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– The OurHood Team

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