Reporting crime

OurHood is a private online platform where you can connect with your neighbours and community and share information on crime and safety, recommendations and tradesmen referrals, lost pets, local services and general news. Our mission is to create safer communities across South Africa, and to do this we need your help.

We strongly believe that to fight crime effectively, a community approach is needed. A neighbourhood’s safety relies on a commitment from both its residents and members of local security organisations such as neighbourhood watches to report crime accurately. Yet a recent Victims of Crime Survey 2018/2019 reveals that less that half of house break-ins and just 60 percent of home robberies were reported to the police.*

Crime OurHoodMany people do not report crime because they do not believe it is worth reporting, or because they lack a confidence in the system. But no matter how small or insignificant you feel the crime is, it is important to report it.

Reporting crime to authorities not only helps the authorities to establish crime trends, but it also allows them to effectively and efficiently deal with the problem. When a crime is handled properly, this helps to deter future crime. In short, by reporting the crime, you are helping to manage and lower crime in your local area.

Reporting a crime or suspicious activity on OurHood is easy. Simply make a post under the ‘alert’ section, making sure to include all the relevant information (where, what, when). This, in turn, will trigger an email, SMS and push notifications to users in the neighbourhood, allowing both your neighbours and your local security team to respond appropriately.

Reporting Crime:

  • helps to establish crime trends and provides authorities with invaluable information on how best to allocate resources
  • effects homeowners decisions about their personal safety and can influence how they live day to day
  • helps the community to better understand and respond to safety issues


Did you know… that local volunteer security efforts such as Neighbourhood Watch Groups and Rates Payers Associations are proven to significantly increase an area’s safety. They act as the ‘eyes and ears’ for the police and armed response teams and are an integral part of any community. If you are a member of such a group, become an OurHood Partner today. All community partners get a special profile and dedicated section on OurHood, designed to facilitate interaction between residents, the community and your organisation. The platform provides a private and secure communication tool that will allow organisations to talk directly to verified residents in the area you operate in. When the said organisation posts into the ‘News Feed’ section, people in the area will be notified automatically via email, SMS, and push notifications. There is no membership fee to become a community partner on OurHood, simply fill out a form which will be provided by one of us and we will contact your organisation, do a quick vetting process and build your community profile. Sign up here!

Crime and safety really is a community effort. By being a proactive resident or community partner, you too can help to increase family safety, thwart criminal activity and promote an overall securer area.

The OurHood Team 🙂

Connecting Neighbours and Strengthening Communities.

* Victims of Crime Survey 2018/2019

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