Thanks to the efforts of the Gallo Manor Wendywood Community Protection (GMWCP) to strengthen communication and collaboration between neighbours, 62 percent of Gallo Manor’s users report feeling more secure in their neighbourhood since engaging with OurHood.

Since joining the OurHood community in 2017, GMWCP residents have used the platform on a regular basis to keep each other updated on matters security and safety, including but not limited to security alerts, crime statistics and trends, community events and also the general ongoings in the neighbourhood. There are now over 500 users in the GMWCP community, with 191 of these joining since January. As such, interactions between users have increased significantly, with 67 percent of the posts made so far in 2019 being made by neighbours themselves.

Gallo Manor ADTGallo Manor Wendywood Community Protection (GMWCP) was established with the aim of representing the community of the Gallo Manor/ Wendywood enclosure, also known as the ‘boomed area,’ and safeguarding the residents’ security needs. In order to ensure that the local security and safety services are up to standard, the non-profit company acts as a mediator between residents and the FADT, their preferred service provider. The committee members, who are elected annually by the local community, get together monthly with representatives from the service provider to assess crime trends, performance and other safety issues. The service provider plays a very significant role in ensuring safety and preventing crime within the area. As such it is important that they maintain a positive relationship with the local community.

OurHood has been an invaluable platform for streamlining and providing accurate information between the GMWCP committee, the security service provider and residents. At the touch of a key, the committee is now able to reach a significantly larger audience than before with real time, accurate and verified security and safety information, revolutionising communication in the area.

Gallo Manor CelebrationTo acknowledge the efforts of the GMWCP, we organised a day of family fun using the OurHood platform. From bouncy castles to food and drink, it was a day where family and neighbours alike could get together, meet members of the local security service provider, and share in the success of their neighbourhood.

Gallo Manor is an exemplary example of how neighbours can use OurHood to stay connected and create awareness. We hope that role models such as these this will encourage more local partners to sign up and work together with OurHood to develop a stronger and safer communities.

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