Podcasts are a relatively new medium globally and very new for South Africans.  There has been tremendous growth in the podcast industry within the last 5 years. South Africa’s podcast listener audience is relatively small compared to international markets. There is a niche market of podcasters but these numbers of listeners and podcasters are growing significantly year on year.

Let’s look into what are podcasts and why they are such effective platform for listeners to expand their knowledge base on an array of topics.

What are podcasts

Podcasts are similar to the radio. They allow people to listen to audio just like the radio. The primary differences are that podcasts can be a lot more informative than the radio as there is an open discussion between the host and guests. Podcasts can be fined tuned to your personal taste as you are able to choose what topics you would like to listen to. You can listen to topics speaking to the latest in politics and culture, interviews with your favourite celebrities, serial dramas, and comedy aplenty.

Difference between Podcasts, Youtube and Radio


Podcast Youtube Radio
Information type Mainly informative and entertainment with a variety of information. Mainly entertainment and some information and training videos. Mainly music and news. It is area specific.
How it is communicated Video and audio Video Audio
Connectivity Needs Internet but it can be downloaded so you can listen to them without internet. You can only watch with an internet connection. You have to have radio signal to listen. The radio is not always available if the signal is bad.

Are podcasts an effective form of communication information

Podcasts are much more personal than more traditional forms of media because the content is communicated to you directly. They are convenient and easy to use because they are free and you can download them so you can listen to them at any place and at any time.

Podcasts are more personalised because you can choose who and what you want to listen to instead of listening to the radio which you have to listen to what is on at the time.

Podcasts, unlike the radio, are more often than not unscripted and uncensored. This gives the feeling that it is a more real form of communication and the presenters are able to talk about matters that the radio presenters can not.

How podcasts can benefit communities

Podcasts are a great learning platform. People can learn about topics they couldn’t before. This is great for communities as residents in neighbourhoods would be able to have a wider knowledge and interests. This gives community members a chance to connect better with other community members who they may not have had much in common with. 

Podcasts allow members to find and listen to what other communities are doing. This can be a great way to find ways to improve your community. In the next few years, Ourhood is hoping that neighbourhoods within areas like Cape Town create their own podcasts. This way they can share knowledge about their neighbourhood with other neighbourhoods around South Africa.

You can also have a discussion with members of different neighbourhoods like Rondebosch in Cape Town and Gallo Manor in Johannesburg which discuss subjects like community building. Ourhoods aim is to create interaction within communities whilst podcasts could be a good way to interact with communities outside your own.

Podcasting offers a chance for local and global businesses to get known, they can post podcasts to talk about their business and what they are doing. This can allow a local business to go global.

South African podcasts

Lesser Known Somebodies: A podcast done by the comedian Simmi Areff, where he talks to a range of South Africans about different issues and topics South Africa is facing.

African Tech Roundup: This technology specific podcast talks about new technology in South Africa and issues in the technology world like the Facebook breach of information.

Tune Me What? Music is a big thing in South Africa but not many South Africans are well-known musicians. Tune Me what gives South African musicians a chance to showcase their music in their hour-long podcast dedicated to playing music.

The Literature Corner: Eusebius McKaiser is a political analyst and writer. In the literature corner, he talks about up and coming books South African books. 

Matt Brown Show: The Matt Brown Show is a global media platform that helps entrepreneurs and communities of interest succeed through information sharing at scale.

Cliff Central: The show is created by the host Gareth Cliff and talks about a wide range of topics including entertainment, lifestyle and comedy.


Support your local podcasts and learn about local businesses.

From your friendly neighbours at Ourhood