Parkhurst is one of the most popular residential suburbs in Johannesburg. A charming area, it is pretty – three of its borders are green belts. These open green spaces act as natural invitations to residents, who walk with their dogs and children around the suburb. The local shops and restaurants are also a great attraction to the area.  Parkhurst has always been about community, even the naming of Parkhurst was derived from a competition in 1903.

The naming of Parkhurst
“It will be remembered that some time little ago the African Realty Trust, hit upon the novel idea of offering a considerable sum of money in prizes to the person or persons who suggested the most suitable and appropriate name for the township.
The competition was launched on 21 August 1903. 11,823 entries were received from all over South Africa and the neighbouring colonies. The judges then took a month to consider the entries before declaring the new name on 15 October 1903.
After much study and careful consideration, [the judges] selected from the very numerous suggestions ‘Parkhurst’ as the name for the new suburb, on the ground that it seemed to them the most appropriate, because of its “euphony, comparative brevity, and general fitness to the locality.
Amongst such a legion of suggestions as were sent in, there were, of course many other appropriate, and even beautiful names; and there were also many which were unpronounceable, and even ridiculous. Public men came in for a lot of attention, Lord Milner’s name, in a variety of forms, being suggested by something like 200 competitors; while others rung the changes on the names of the judges, Quinntown, Rogalyburg and Holtville being amongst the attempts to appeal to the sympathy of the judges. On the whole the judges are to be congratulated on having selected perhaps the best name for the suburb, and one which should not give much trouble at the G.P.O. (General Post Office).”
The Star on 15 October 1903

OurHood is teaming up with The Parkhurst Residents and Business Owners Association (PRABOA) who are committed to maintaining and promoting the Parkhurst Village environment and quality of life. This is done through various community projects which are funded by the residents’ membership fees and monies collected from our event projects. In addition PRABOA object to undesireable rezonings and fund appeals to the Town Planning Tribunal on residents’ behalf. As such it is the residents’ official voice and link to Council and Government.

Parkhurst is bordered by:
22nd Street,
21st Street,
20th Street,
1st Ave West,
1st Street ,
and the Braamfontein Spruit.

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