Are you so stoked on a post in your OurHood site? Do you like a message so much, you want to share it with the world? Good news! OurHood has a new feature. From today on, you can not only thank and comment on one’s post, but it is possible to share it with Facebook and Twitter. On your smartphone you can even share it with your friends on Whatsapp. 

It is as easy as a child doing the laundry. Just go to your OurHood site, check the noticeboard and share your amazing neighbourhood with the world.

Share button pic

Do you have friends or neighbours on Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp that are not yet using OurHood! They are missing out! Invite them with the revolutionary yet simple invitation code. Send them the code and directly verify them so they can use OurHood right away as well. Start using OurHood as one of your key instruments to build a safe and sound community.

Your community is just a mouse click away. Be sure to use this new tool to stop crime in your neighbourhood and to share some amazing memories with your neighbours.

From your friendliest neighbours,

The OurHood team

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