Great news, folks!

We have just released a brand new feature-packed update for the OurHood app – including some amazing new tools intended to give you the best experience possible.

We also redesigned the signup process to ensure a smooth experience – so let all your friends know it’s a good time to sign up!

We’ve incorporated Google Maps into the sign up process. By using your smartphone’s GPS you can now easily confirm your physical address (your address will always be kept private). To use this feature select the “Use Current Location” button.
Step 2 sign up process
If your GPS address is slightly inaccurate, you can still manually edit it in step 3.

If you haven’t yet completed all the steps in the sign up process, the app will tell you that your profile is still waiting to be verified. If you do not wish to complete the sign up process, or you are still waiting to be verified, you are now able to access certain sections of the app. Access to unverified users was made limited in order to stay true to our privacy policy which protects the neighbourhoods and its residents.

You can now also invite your neighbours, friends and family to OurHood. Go to “Invite friends” in the settings section and enter their email addresses. They will receive an email invitation to join OurHood. The best part is that they will be automatically verified on signing up with their email address – because you are verified and you invited them.

Is there something more? You bet there is!

You can now feel completely connected to your neighbours thanks to OurHood push notifications. What is a push notification? It means you will be notified when you receive a private (direct) message, crime alert or posts by your local civic association. Your smartphone will notify you within seconds and, of course, you can turn these off as well.

If you want to get push notifications instead of SMSs be sure to go to: Settings -> Notifications -> click on the drop down list -> Notification settings -> switch from SMS to Push Notification.

The last bit of great news is that we have invested some time in making the app lighter for you. So its quicker and takes up less space on your precious smartphone!

So, what are you waiting for? Download our fantastic new app on the AppStore (iOS) or GooglePlay (Android) and join your neighbourhood now!

Connecting Neighbours. Strengthening Communities.

– The OurHood Team