Every neighbourhood has that one unique, defining feature in it that comes to mind whenever that neighbourhood is mentioned. For Woodstock in Cape Town, street art has become synonymous with the vibrant neighbourhood and its rich history. It is in this vibrancy, cultural history and inherent community spirit, where OurHood makes its home. That’s why we decided to take part in a cultural walking tour in Woodstock aimed to introduce people to the real Woodstock that the most don’t see.

During the tour we got a sense of the history of the area through the numerous interpretations of the graffiti and murals. Many artists from all over the world have captured the spirit of the neighbourhood and brought on many interesting conversations about art & society.

Street Art has had a long history in South Africa, especially Cape Town being one of the cultural hotspots of the country. Specifically in 2010, an artist by the name of Freddy Sam helped kickstart a new era of this form of art in Woodstock. Since then, more than 40 artists have portrayed their artworks on the street walls of the area. One of them being Juma, who’s also a qualified guide who gave us a deeper understanding of the street art culture in Woodstock.

Some of the artworks that we had a chance to see throughout the tour include The Living Apart Entwined by Faith 47, which underlines the deep-rooted relationships of commonalities. Other murals such as The Zebra Suit by Kazki, raise the awareness of humankind & nature, specifically how we relate to the animals on this planet, which is also addressed in many other artworks in the area. Take a look at some of the pictures to get inspired for more.

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If you wish to find out more, contact Juma personally  073 400 4064 or [email protected].