We all love our pets and do everything we can to ensure that they are safe. After all, they’re our furry family members.

But when your beloved dog slips out of an open gate or your cat spends a little too much time away from home, we all know that gut-wrenching feeling of realising your pet may be missing.

Our neighbourhood is often the first point of call to get the word out and start the search. That’s why we have added OurPets to your neighbourhood’s digital notice board.

The OurHood Pet Directory allows neighbours to build a directory of all pets in the neighbourhood. On the Pet Directory, you can post photos and include descriptions and identifying features of your pets.

Neighbours can build a database of all the neighbourhood’s animals. You can use the Pet Directory to get to know other pet owners, show off your furry friends and, in times of emergencies, it is a valuable resource for when a pet is lost or gone missing.

No need for flyers on a street light pole or at the local store, OurPets in a simple way to help you get your lost pet home safely.

Verified OurHood members can simply click on OurPets to start adding information about their pet. You can include a photo, the pet’s name, the type of pet, the breed, colour, size, and more.

Once a pet is added to the Pet Directory, the information is shared with members in the community so neighbours can recognise the pets in their neighbourhood and be better equipped to help them in times of need.

Add your pets to OurHood.

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