With more than 60% of OurHood neighbours being male, we understand how special fathers are in protecting their families and building better communities.

Father’s Day is just one of many moments when we take the time to show our appreciation.

The OurHood team shares their fondest memories of their childhood heroes.

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For Liz, OurHood graphic designer, her father Daanie’s unique names for ordinary items will always put a smile on her face. Daanie calls cornflakes cereal baboon toenails and parmesan cheese is grated heel skin. “He has these strange things that he calls other things. I think they’re so cute!”

And while Liz and her dad spend many moments together, one of her favourite bonding activities is sailing. “That is something that my dad did when we were young and he kind of stopped and started doing it again,” she said.

Daanie, an electrical engineer, is methodical and calculated, Liz said, adding that when they’re sailing, he always rolls the ropes up neatly and ties them into a perfect knot. “It kind of used to be irritating for me,” Liz joked, “But now I can see the reason behind it.

“When you’re on the water it can either be very relaxed or very intense when the wind picks up. But you’re pretty much forget about everything else and just like focus on the now. It’s nice doing that with your dad.”

What makes Daanie a good neighbour is he’s dedication to securing his home and adding to the safety of the neighbourhood. “He kind of made our house a fort. It definitely created the standard of safety in the area.”


Franscesco, an Italian business intern who recently joined our team, especially enjoys Father’s Day because it is one of few occasion when he and his dad, Angelo, can take a walk together and just chat, something they are often too busy to do. “Usually we are very committed and don’t have much free time, it’s an occasion to relax and talk to your dad without any pressures from outside.

Angelo is very reflective, a trait Franscesco inherited. This allows him to be able to talk to his father about absolutely any topic, from school to sports and everything in between. “We have a very open relationship. We have no secrets.”

And although they differ in preference when it comes to football strategies, Fransceco and his father complement each other when they play music together. “My father plays flute and I play guitar. So sometime we play some songs together. We improvise.”

Angelo is a community man, said Fransceco. They live in an area made up of small villas where his father is the first point of reference to anything happening in the area. “My father is a good neighbour because whatever happens, he’ll get involved He is very committed. We got to know everyone. We have diner together. Sometime we invite people in our garden for a chat or glass of wine.”


Tavia, an aspiring screen writer who also recently joined the OurHood team, is inspired by her father’s determination. He was recognised as one of the best boat welders in Cape Town.

“He is funny but usually keeps to himself. He likes beer. He is very quiet. He wants to be on Facebook but always needs help,” she said.

A trip to the beach is one memory Tavia immediately thinks of when thinking about her dad. She was little girl who ventured a little bit to far into the ocean and just as a huge wave was about to crash onto her, she was under water. Her dad, Bassion had pushed her beneath the water in an effort to save her from the wave.

“I thought someone was trying to drown me then I looked up and he was standing there, nonchalantly, like he didn’t just save me.”

Even though Tavia describes her dad as quiet, he doesn’t shy away from helping his neighbours, even if it means dispersing an argument of saving a rogue horse.


Thinking about what memories to share about my own father is rather tricky because there are definitely not enough words to describe him.

My father, Renshaw, has a peculiar personality and I often think he should have his own reality television show. He is sarcastic, witty and often blunt. But he is also passionate about the things he cares about and appreciates respect.

He has taught me to think realistically but also to never give up on a dream and do whatever it tales to achieve it.

My dad doesn’t talk much but my fondest memories are the times when we’re alone and we do talk. It could be during a walk to the shop or around the dinner table. We would share ideas, talk about my future or he’s past. We would listen and encourage each other, with the occasional joke.

Those are the moments when my dad’s passion and strength gives me the courage to face anything.

What makes him a good neighbour is his instinct to protect and care for his surroundings and that often extends to ensuring that his neighbours are safe and comfortable. My dad’s love of wildlife inspires other to be conscious about the environment.

OurHood appreciates our fathers!

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