We are excited to introduce the re-design of OurHood, with a deep focus on the newsfeed and making your neighbourhood’s digital notice board more readable.

As we’ve mentioned before, the OurHood team has been inspired by your stories and feedback to create a communication platform aimed at connecting your community.

Several months of hard work and dedication have produced a brand new layout, more efficient functionality and a couple of new features for you and your neighbourhood.


The most noticeable improvement to OurHood is the overall look and feel of the platform. We’ve changed the general look of the platform to be cleaner and softer, as well as used a lighter shade a blue to make the site more neighbourly.


We’ve added more items to the left-hand side menu and redesigned to icons to make it easier for users to identify the different sections on the site.

The menu bar at the top of the platform has also been simplified with larger and more attractive icons.

We’ve also added some extra information about your profile and your neighbourhood to the right-hand side bar.


Pictures are worth a thousand words, that’s why we improved the way images are displayed in posts. We’ve reworked the layout of the message itself by enlarging the subject line and only having a colour bar for Alerts, drawing more attention to the urgent information.


We’ve combined your OurHood inbox and Groups in one place so that you can easily send a direct message to one or multiple neighbours or connect with people with similar interests. Messaging allows you to manage all of this in one place.

Coming Soon

OurPets and Classifieds are brand new OurHood features, soon to be launched, that will allow you to include the non-human members of your family and give you a comprehensive local market place.

Classifieds will replace Trade and include a special recommendation section.

OurPets is your neighbourhood’s very own pet directory where you’ll be able to upload a picture and information about your furry friends and see your neighbour’s pets.

The new layout, design and features will be available on the desktop and mobile sites and the OurHood Apps on Android and iOS.

Remember to refresh your browser to ensure that all the new features are correctly filtered through your device.

We’d love to hear from you. Contact [email protected] if you have any comments, questions or suggestions.

Your friendly neighbours at OurHood.