It is here!

OurHood Groups have just hit your favourite digital neighbourhood.

Now, you can form live chat groups with like-minded neighbours in your area.

Maybe you want to communicate directly to neighbours in your street or you’re interested in forming a lift club to the local primary school. OurHood Groups cater to everyone.

This brand new feature allows you to not only join local groups in your community but you can form your own too.

How do Groups work?

Simply click on the new feature “Groups” in the left sidebar (or at the bottom in the app.) You will then be able either create your own or to join one of the existent ones, by clicking on the group and joining the conversation.

They work as a live chat, so as soon as your message is sent, it will be visible by all the other members of the group.

But be aware – you will need to be verified in order to access this function! Why? Read more here!

What is the advantage of OurHood Groups?

Unlike other mainstream messaging apps, OurHood Groups does not require you to divulge your contact number or email address to other users. Because you are already a verified neighbour, all you need to do is log in and start talking.

Watch this video to see exactly how to create and join groups

 What else have we done?

This is not the only upgrade we have been working on: indeed, a whole bunch of functions have been released, together with a version 3.1 of our apps!

Some of those are:

  • File uploader: you can now upload your files and images in direct messages, as post attachments and in groups.
  • We have enabled “Partner” posting also on our app. If you have a partner profile, you can now login on our app and select “Partner” while posting.
  • Push notifications are back and stronger, together with email notifications
  • Minor bugs have also been solved, such as profile picture uploader and notifications page.

What are you waiting for? Try OurHood Groups here: 

iOS: click here to download

Android: click here to download

Watch this space for more updates, features and a lot more. Any suggestions, questions or comments? We’d love to hear from you!

Email [email protected]