Holidays are a time to let down your hair and relax. But sometimes the countdown to the festive break can be quite a stressful experience. There’s packing to do, last minute washing and tidying, and of course, making sure your home is safe and secure before you leave for your break.

This time away from home can be very tempting to potential burglars, so it is always important to ensure that your home is left safe and secure. Fortunately for you, we’ve comprised a list of our favorite tips:

●    Test all zones of your alarm system a few weeks before you plan to go away. If you pick up any faults with your alarm system such as low battery power, arrange for a technician to attend to the problem to avoid the last minute pre-holiday rush

●    Perimeter Check: Take a walk around your property to inspect fences, walls and gates checking for any evidence of damage or tampering that could allow intruders access to the property. Also look to find any bushes or shrubs which make for effective hiding places – the less potential hiding places the better

●    Collect Post: Nothing says “empty house” like an overflowing mailbox

●    Ask your neighbours to keep an eye on your property while you’re away and vice versa

●    Research has shown that burglars do not favour breaking into a well-lit property, so make sure that you have sufficient outdoor lighting that switches on at night

●    Spectacular thunderstorms during the summer months can wreak havoc on alarm systems. Regularly check your systems in case of lightning damage

While on holiday, don’t assume that the place you’re staying in is crime-free. Always continue to be aware and vigilant, as you would at home.

We hope that these tips may help you during this festive period and we wish you an enjoyable holiday. Please remember to stay SAFE!

Thanks to our partners Blue Security in KZN and Community Active Protection (CAP) in Joburg.


From the OurHood Team

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