Heritage day is imperative to South Africans because it highlights our uniqueness. In honour of Heritage day we decided to focus on the rich diversity we possess at Ourhood.

It’s never the difference between people that surprises us. It’s the things that against all odds we have common- Jodi Picoult, House Rules.

Ourhood boasts a globally diverse team. We have international and local employees making for a vibrant and lively office. Each employee brings a different outlook on life. Ourhoods success comes from  obtaining a variety of viewpoints, ideas and unique ways of interaction.

At Ourhood we work as hard as we play. Our conversations range from thought-provoking to hilarious banter. What makes the team dynamic at Ourhood lies in our distinctiveness; the way in which all our cultures have shaped us and the way each person expresses their talents and skills.

Ourhood is like a beautiful mosaic art piece; each piece is unique but makes a striking artwork.

Madish Choudhary said: “Diversity is also a great driver of Innovation”.

Everyone at Ourhood was asked to list what they love most about their heritage:



AFRIKAANS-  ThePoetry.

Afrikaans  means ‘’African’’, in Dutch. 90% TO 95% of Afrikaans, is Dutch origin and also has some other influences such as Portuguese, Malay and German.




ITALIAN- The poetry and art.

Italy is famous for its delicious, Mediterranean cuisine, art and fashion, that has greatly influenced the world.




ITALIAN-   The Rich ancient roman empire.

The only aspect of Italian heritage that can surpass its cuisine, art an fashion is their rich culture and architecture.





DUTCH-The Bicycle culture in Holland.

Holland is known for its bicycles, windmills and canals.






CAPE MALAY– The delicious food.

Cape Malaysians are strong in their culture, unique traditions and spicy exotic food.






CAPE COLOURED-Our strength to endure.

Cape coloureds have diverse ancestral roots, and have a dynamic culture.





ZULU– The Tenacity to overcome whatever life throws at us.

IsiZulu is the most spoken language in South Africa. Dance, music, beautiful bead works, and great rhythm mark the Nguni clan.







Dan– The language

Jewish people have a unique lifestyle and strong traditions.



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