Newlands is not only the suburb with the highest average rainfall in Cape Town, it is also the sporting capital of the Western Cape – having presided over a century of national and international rugby and cricket games. Much of the area is dominated by schools, the Liesbeek River and sports stadiums – while the roads are lined with great oaks, shedding their leaves every autumn.
Named and established in 1700 after the land was granted to Govenor Willem van der Stel, Newlands was developed into a country residence which included a private oak plantation. The majority of the land was sold off in 1791 to a series of private individuals and has remained in private hands since 1826. Set alongside the winding Liesbeek River, it is lush and green, and much of its growth can be credited to the fresh flowing mountain water.

Now, we welcome Newlands Residents’ Association (NRA) to the plate, taking the opportunity to work with OurHood to further improve their community relations. Established as a cohesive body to monitor and protect the interests of residents and businesses, the NRA represents the Newlands and Westerford-Rondebosch community on a range of local issues and plays a proactive role in ensuring that the character and history of this special suburb are retained. The committee comprises of volunteer residents and the local Ward Councillors – individuals who play a role in ensuring that the rights of residents and the environment are protected and that the Newlands community is represented at a municipal level.

The Newlands Village area is only a portion of the broader Newlands, so take not of its borders:
Newlands Avenue;
southern edge of SACS;
Liesbeek River;
Paterson Street, Kent Road & Governors Avenue

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The OurHood Team