On the heels of major upgrades to the design, user experience and stability recently made to OurHood, we are proud to announce a new partner and welcome Mzansi Fire and Security to OurHood.

Mzansi Fire and Security is a family-run, community-driven security company who has been operating in Durban for more than ten years.

Since the establishment of OurHood a few years ago, Durban residents have been incredible adopters of OurHood. Neighborhoods across Durban area are having helpful and informative conversations on OurHood.

OurHood gives Mzansi Fire and Security the ability to communicate with the communities they service a whole new level, while giving neighbours the opportunity to discuss crime prevention and safety ideas and important community issues

Mzansi place themselves at the forefront of community safety. Their proudly-Durban team works closely with the police force and policing security forums to assist in creating safer communities.

They’ve even established a dedicated department within their company that focuses on engaging with residents on how to make their communities safer. The Securing our Suburbs (SOS) department assesses an area and identifies the crime problems and weakness within the area and propose a unique cost effective solution that helps with the eradication of crime.

“We are dedicated to this service and we go the extra mile, surveying your streets, patrolling your area and protecting you and your loved ones… The SOS division works closely with the police force and policing security forum to create a safer place for you and your family,” said Shanice Harinarain, head of digital marketing and development at Mzansi.

It is their passion for safe communities that lead them to OurHood. They will be active partners in all hoods in Durban to engage, monitor and communicate with members of the community.

Shanice said they are happy to partner with OurHood because it is “an easy to use forum that will keep you informed and up to date with activities in your neighborhood for e.g.) alerts of suspicious vehicles, crime trends, warnings and tips”.

If you’re a news, safety, security or community organisation interested in joining OurHood, please contact us here.

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