The big day of love is right around the corner and approaching fast. Some of you procrastinators out there may be scrambling about last minute to pull together a few special gift ideas or romantic plans for your beloved. While others have planned for this day months in advance. [expand title=”Read More…”]

Truth be told, this highly commercialized day filled with chocolates, roses and other gifts bought at highly inflated prices, is either loved or loathed. Whatever your thoughts, we at OurHood have put together a few useful ideas for you to use this Valentines day and hopefully inspire you to spread the love in your neighbourhoods:

– Buying a bunch of flowers is a simple yet great way to spoil someone. Add to this a hand-made card with a love note inside and it’s a winner. A very meaningful and creative way to demonstrate to your loved one how you feel.

– Treating your partner to a fancy dinner out is great, but if you don’t feel like joining the masses, why not plan a intimate home-cooked, candle lit dinner. This will definitely set the romantic levels to max.

– The fact that Valentines Day falls on a Saturday this year, provides the great opportunity of waking up your beloved with breakfast in bed. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t like being treated to breakfast in bed?

– Personalized gift items will definitely make your loved one feel like a million bucks. These could include poems you’ve written; photo-frames; engraved items of jewelry; shopping vouchers to their favourite store and fragrances to name a few.

– Pack a surprise picnic with all their favourite goodies and head out to the local park or beach to watch the sunset. Don’t forget a blanket!

– Spend a night away in a lovely hotel or bnb somewhere beautiful. This idea will really add a unique element to the evening and will inevitably create a special memory.

– Pampering your loved one is another way to make them feel special. Either give them a special massage of your own or, book a spa pampering session together.

Also be sure to check your neighbourhoods “What’s On” section on OurHood, to find all the local Valentine events happening in your area. If you have any great tips or favourite Valentines destinations in your neighbourhood, be sure to post this info in your OurHood forum page! Oh, and don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Happy V-Day!

– The OurHood Team.[/expand]