Endless streams of often-irrelevant messages, time-consuming mass emails, expensive websites, constant group administration and the struggle to reach a wide audience.

These are just a few of the problems local civic structures face when trying to communicate with residents.

That’s why local organisations are moving over to OurHood as their main way of communicating to residents.

Over 80 ratepayers and homeowner organisations, neighbourhood watches, civic associations, security companies and local organisations partnered with OurHood because they know the importance of effectively communicating with their neighbours.

With the evolution of social networks, organisations have started to use mainstream social media sites as a communication tool. But although these groups are carefully created and monitored, there are still concerns about whether these networks do a good job of getting their message across and whether criminal elements can access neighbourhood information.

Our partners have their own section on their neighbourhood site and can use it to post alerts, respond to question from neighbours and update them about events and activities.


Partners have the ability to trigger SMS, email and push notifications to immediately inform neighbours about the happenings in their hood.

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OurHood verifies all neighbours of an area, which provides a controlled, safe and private space for organisations to share information such as meeting minutes or crime reports.

For over a year now, Parklands Neighbourhood Watch has shared weekly crime reports with neighbours, Little Mowbray Neighbourhood Watch has sent newsletters throughout the platform and Vumatel has kept neighbours updated about fibre to the home installations in the area.

Communities are not only made up of the people who live there but also those who actively try to improve the neighbourhood. Have your local organisations join OurHood today

If you are interested in partnering up with us, please do not hesitate to contact us through [email protected]