Local is lekker.

This phrase underpins the importance of supporting your neighbourhood businesses.

Popping into the mall may seem like an easy shopping option. But you’re undermining your local economy. Look around you, have you ever considered the businesses in your hood? Local shops are convenient and benefit your community.

There are five reasons why you should support your local businesses:

They build the community

Local butchers, quaint restaurants or laundry stores provide residents with easy and convenient stops for goods and services. They build the character of an area.

For example, the row of  uniques stores along 2nd Avenue characterises Harfield Village in Cape Town,

Those are places where neighbours meet, greet and invest time in their own place. People bustling about usually flood large malls on the outskirts of the city.  Local businesses offer a space where the streets of a an area is filled with its residents.

Improves local economy

Spending money at local businesses boost the economy of an area.  Neighbourhood stores or service providers tend to recycle a larger share of the revenue into the community than larger businesses.

Those little shops are usually family-owned and they really value their environment and their customers.

Community businesses also provide more trusted job opportunities for residents in the area. The local video shop or grocery stores are often the first jobs teenagers have.

Neighbourhoods with good community business districts can increase the property value of the entire area.

They give you better service:

Residents own many these businesses. The familiarity strengthens trust between owners and neighbours. This gives businesses a better understanding of their client base.

Neighbourhood shops also feel more accountable to customers they have relationships with and always strive to satisfy them.

They improves safety in an area

Because businesses are open during the day, their staff and customers act as “eyes” in the neighbourhood. The daily activity around boutiques and cafés can deter criminal elements, as there is always someone around.

Business owners are also more inclined to implement security measures such as alarms, CCTV cameras or security guards. These added safety measures benefit the entire neighbourhood.

Special ratings area and improvement district are usually established in areas with a business element. Improvement districts hire staff to add extra cleaning, safety and social services to a neighbourhood.

They listen to their neighbours

Owners are more likely to involve the community in decision-making because they have a close relationship with their clients (who are also neighbours).

Opinions of residents and community leaders are considered because business owners know that their revenue depends on the support of the residents. Larger businesses don’t have to consider residents’ support because their customer base spreads beyond the community they’re in.

OurHood supports neighbourhood businesses.

Join OurHood now and support your local businesses! Or contact us if you are a business owner and would like to directly advertise to you community. 

We have designed features that connect our people to their local stores and services where businesses offer local deal exclusive to your neighbours

Businesses receive their own sections, which can easily be accessed by neighbours without being invasive on the platform.

We have four main sections for local businesses – Important numbers, Events, Local deals and Shop Now

Events section

Events section

Local Deals

Local Deals

Important numbers

Important numbers

Shop Now section

Shop Now section

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