Christmas is South Africa

Whilst Christmas is a time for love and cheer, crime rates in South Africa rise dramatically over the festive period. In a blog earlier this month, we covered some simple tips on how to stay safe over the festive season (refresh your memory here), but alongside this, we thought we would share with you five extra tips for keeping your home safe this holiday season.

Keep your gifts out of sight from the outsiders: making sure that your tree and gifts are out of view from the outside will help to remove any temptation of passersby and potential burglars.

Conceal your packaging when you throw it out: gift packaging will show onlookers exactly what you received for Christmas and may tempt burglars. Be careful how you throw away your gift packages – for larger items, it may be worth a trip to your local land fill site.

Inform your local community organisation and neighbours of your away dates: keep your home secure whilst you are away by letting both your local community organisation (such as Neighbourhood Watch or RPA) and your local alarm company know your away dates. Also ask a neighbour if they could keep an eye on your house and inform you of any suspicious activity that goes on in your neighbourhood via the OurHood App.

Ask your neighbours to collect your mail whilst you are away: if your mailbox starts piling up, burglars will work out that you are away, making you a potential victim. Use OurHood to reach out to one of your neighbours to ask if they could collect your post whilst you are gone.

Keep your house well-lit: keeping the outside (and inside) of your house well-lit will deter criminals. It could be worth investing into floodlights or motion sensor lights to stop any creeping taking place around your home.

Now that you are prepared safety-wise, don’t forget that the festive season is a time for coming together. So why not use this Christmas as an excuse to connect with your neighbours! In need of a little nudge? Check out our last blog for 5 reasons why you should get to know you neighbours.

Happy holidays everybody!

The OurHood Team 🙂

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