Tired of that irritating neighbourhood WhatsApp chat group?

OurHood has been built specially for neighbours and neighbourhoods in mind.

The platform provides a digital notice board specially designed for neighbourhood communication.

Which is also divided into categories:

  • Wanting to sell the car seat that your daughter has outgrown? – There’s the Classifieds section for that.
  • You can applaud and endorse your plumber that goes the extra mile in the Recommendations section.

  • OurPets is your neighbourhood’s very own pet directory that allows you to create a special profile for the furry members of your family.

  • Your car was broken into? Let your neighbours and civic associations know via the Crime & Safety section which prompts an automatic alert app and email notification.

OurHood gives you a private and secure Neighbourhood App that provides the local relevance and safety lacking on other social networks.

So, how do you get your neighbours onboard?

On your homepage on the OurHood website (once you’ve logged in), click on this button on the bottom right-hand side of your screen:

You will be given 2 options:

INVITE PEOPLE BY EMAIL: List their emails, separated by a comma.

Or, SHARE YOUR INVITATION LINK, which you will get by clicking on:

 – this allows you to verify your neighbours, as well.

Building Trust

The difference between OurHood and, say, Facebook Neighbourhood groups, is that we ask users to verify their address, for a very good reason:

Safe neighbourhoods are built on trust – and we want to ensure that all users are your real neighbours and not trolls.

We ask users to upload a document (such as a utility bill) or to provide a landline of the address registered, in order to verify your address.

This will give you full access to the OurHood site and will allow you to immediately be able to post news, alerts and share information with your real neighbours, in real-time.

A Model Community

Gallo Manor (GMWCP = Gallo Manor Wendywood Community Protection) in Gauteng is a perfect example of a neighbourhood using OurHood to stay connected, communicate and work together to create a better precinct and home for themselves.

OurHood currently has over 400 users in the GMWCP community and is still growing. GMWCP uses OurHood on a regular basis to update users of ongoings in the neighbourhood. Especially where crime and safety is concerned.

“OurHood has enabled us to, for the first time, communicate accurately, in real-time, with over 400 residents! – Something we haven’t done before,” says GMWCP Committee Member, Peter Ochola.

“We are not where we want to be in terms of numbers, but the sheer accuracy and organisation of the platform has created a new level of awareness and identity for the GMWCP.”

Here are a few ways communities have used OurHood to better their neighbourhoods:
  • A resident in Lonehill, Johannesburg used OurHood to report a pet cockatiel that looked lost and managed to reunite the bird with its owner, also a member of OurHood.

  • Neighbourhood Watches recruit volunteers through OurHood for their neighbourhood safety patrols and upload weekly reports on the criminal activity in their areas.

  • A security company sends regular, customised security posts to over 100 neighbourhoods in Durban. They inform residents about arrests and provide tips on how to get involved in crime prevention initiatives.
  • The Protea Valley community in Cape Town used OurHood to come together and organise to clean up their neighbourhood for World Cleanup Day.

    The OurHood Promise

  • Your neighbourhood is exclusive to your actual, verified neighbours
  • OurHood will always be free to residents.
  • All advertising will be beneficial to your community and will be non-intrusive.
  • Establish and maintain relationships with community organisations working to better your neighbourhood.
  • We welcome feedback, comments and suggestions to improve our service to you.
Download the OurHood App

…and stay in the loop of what’s going on in your neighbourhood anytime and anywhere.

Users can instantly post messages and alerts, chat to neighbours in real-time and receive important notifications.

Download it here:

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Email: [email protected] for any feedback, comments or suggestions.