We may still be weeks away from Spring and months away from Summer but there are glimpses of clear skies and sunshine, marking the eager arrival of warmer days.

Soon those boots, coats, thermal flasks, heaters and mounds of blankets will know longer be needed. So what better way than to de-clutter your closets and garages than a good old neighbourhood yard sale!

There is no doubt that everyone is tightening their belts and do everything they can to save money. A yard or garage sale is a great way to make some extra cash and make space for summer.

And while organising a yard sale may not be as easy as throwing a few items on your lawn, here are tips to help you arrange a successful yard sale.

Know what you want to sell

Make a list of everything you have in each room, review the items you already own and decide what you need and what you do need.

Ask yourself when last you’ve used an item. It’s easy to justify needing it in the future but if it hasn’t been in use for the past year, it is probably time to part with it.

Look through your family’s clothing cupboards and drawers for clothes and shoes that no longer fit, unused toys and gadgets.

Make sure you have a variety of items to appeal to different people. Include books, unused appliances and electronics, crockery and even plants.

Set a date

The date and time of your yard sale are very important. Many of your customers will be your neighbours so be sure to host your sale when most neighbours are at home and available, preferably on a weekend morning.

Use OurHood’s Events section to add your yard sale to your community’s digital calendar.

Get the word out

The aim of your sale is to get people to attend. Make sure you do all you can to get the word out.

Hand out flyers to your neighbours and post signs at a local store. Make a post on OurHood’s notice board to inform all your neighbours about the sale. OurHood is also a great way of reminding your neighbours about the event closer to the date.

You can also take pictures of a few items you will be selling and upload it to OurHood’s Classifieds section. This allows you to pre-empt interest in what you will be selling.

Know the law

Make sure that you have contacted your municipality or local ward councillor before planning your yard sale. There may be by-laws regarding public trade so getting permission is vital, especially if you plan on selling food or drinks or playing music.

If you’re unsure about what rules regulate yard sales, ask your neighbours!

Be considerate

Your yard sale may attract a lot of people. Inform your immediate neighbours about the possible inconvenience. Let them know the date and time the event will take place so that they’re not surprised by a group of people in the street.

Be sure to stick to the times indicated. If you plan to end at a certain time, do not carry on later. This can cause a nuisance for your neighbours.

If you do plan on playing music, keep it low.

Get some help

It’s a good idea to enlist some help for the day. Perhaps you can pay a few of the neighbourhood children to help with selling, preparing food and cleaning up afterwards.


A yard sale is an ideal way to get to know your neighbours you don’t usually speak to. Talk to them; ask them about what they do and interest. The broader your network of neighbours, the more successful future neighbourhood events will be.

Join OurHood and start talking, trading and socializing with your neighbours!

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