Halloween is just around the corner and that means it is time to get planning!

Whilst Halloween in South Africa is not quite the grand celebration it is in America and the UK, it is becoming more and more popular every year as people catch on to this pumpkin-loving, trick-or-treating, costume-wearing tradition.

HalloweenWhen it comes to trick-or-treating, we understand that parents don’t want their children walking around the streets alone, especially after dark, so we have come up with a simple way for you to trick-or-treat safely in your neighbourhood this Halloween.

The first step involves creating your event and sharing it with your neighbours.
Whether this is trick-or-treating, or another organised evening, make your event known by posting the information on the Event page in OurHood. Scroll down for a quick reminder on how to do this simple trick!

The second step is to get neighbours on board.
Neighbours wanting to take part can mark their homes with a clear sign or orange balloons to let you know they will have treats. Parents can volunteer to accompany children and Neighbourhood Watch members on evening patrol can keep a watchful eye at dedicated areas. Be sure to have a good adult-to-child ration so that their are enough eyes to keep a watch over the children and ensure them a fun time.

Step three is to create a route and post it onto the events page.
Plan ahead, using the OurHood chat, and create a route which you feel is safe.
Make sure the path is well lit, and carry extra lighting, be it pumpkin lanterns or torches, to ensure that you can always see where you are going and those around you.
A map can be created with the route the kids will be walking, and the neighbours offering treats can mark their home on the map.
A copy of this can be posted into the neighbourhood event page to parents and other residents not volunteering to give them peace of mind and knowledge of what is going on for Halloween.

Step four…
Have FUN! If you follow these guidelines and are sensible, you should be safe so put on your finest spider costume, go out and have fun!

Safety Tips

Never trick-or-treat alone! Stay in your group and always make sure there is at least one trusted adult around. Designate a safe location or home as a place to go to if someone gets lost or falls apart from the group.

Let there be light. Carry a torch to help you see your path and those around you.

Only walk on sidewalks. Or if this is not possible, walk on the far edge of the road facing traffic to stay safe.

Only visit those houses marked for trick-or-treating. Do not enter these houses unless you are with a trusted adult.

How to create an event:

After logging in to your OurHood profile, create an event by clicking “add” – the (white) plus sign (in the blue circle) at the top of the screen.

Choose to create an “event” post.

Fill in the details of the event:

  • The title,
  • The start date and time,
  • The end date and time,
  • Where it will take place,
  • Who will be hosting the event,
  • Give a short description,
  • Attach a picture,
  • And post!

It’s that simple!

Looking for other ways to celebrate halloween? Why not use OurHood to create and host a:

  • pumpkin carving night
  • a themed braai
  • spooky cake bake off
  • lantern making crafts party

The OurHood Team 🙂

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