Holidays can be an exciting time for families. Staying safe during the holidays is vital and can make or break your holiday experience. Here are some safety measures to keep the holiday spirit alive.

Safety tips cars

  • Stash it, don’t flash it – hide all your valuables that you leave in the car, better yet keep your car free of valuables by taking them out with you when you leave your car.
  • Focus on driving – focus is important when driving so no multitasking while driving and no use of electronic devices when driving, you can be fined for this.
  • Drive carefully – be aware and prepared in case someone does something unexpected in front of you. Make sure you keep enough distance between you and the car in front of you to stop safely incase someone stops suddenly
  • Make sure your seat and mirrors are adjusted correctly before you start driving
  • Make sure you have an car emergency kit

Safety tips leaving home

  • Make sure your household insurance is up to date
  • Make your house look like there is someone still living there some ways to do this is by keeping your curtains open
  • Ask your neighbour to collect your mail so you don’t have a ton of post in your mailbox and if they are feeling very generous ask if they can open and close your curtains in the morning and evenings
  • Have a light timer so your outside lights turn on at night
  • Hide your valuables, make sure they are not in obvious places
  • Don’t tell everyone that you are going on holiday
  • Consider hiring a house or pet sitter
  • Tell your neighbourhood watch you are going away and see if they can keep an eye on your house for you

Safety tips travelling

  • Plan for food and petrol breaks before your trip, you don’t want your car to run out of petrol in the middle of nowhere.
  • Make sure your baggage and cargo are secure before you start your trip. If you have stopped just check that the items are still secure.
  • Have enough sleep the night before your trip so you are prepared for the drive.
  • Learn about common travel scams that occur in the area you are travelling too
  • Put your emergency details somewhere accessible like on your iPhone or android so if something happens to you people know what to do
  • Keep your valuables locked up at all times
  • Make sure some family or friends have an itinerary of your trip so they know where they can find you if something happens
  • Dress like locals, tourists are the most common victims of petty crimes so by dressing like locals you are less likely to be stolen from
  • Keep up to date on your vaccines and health problems in the area you are travelling to for example know if you can drink water from the taps in your area or if you have to buy bottled water

Safety tips for travelling with kids

  • Ensure that car seats and boosters are properly installed before your trip
  • Know what documents your kids need if crossing borders or flying
  • Make sure your children know your phone number or think of buying them a tracking watch for children
  • Buy a cheap disposable camera to give your children something to do in places that might not be the most interesting to them and to give you more time in places
  • Pack some entertainment for your children like a colouring-in book or games for when you go on long drives
  • Don’t give your children sweets or too much sugar before and during long trips and have regular pit stops so they can get rid of their energy

From Your Friendly at OurHood