Playing its urban part from slavery to emancipation then apartheid and, finally, freedom, Green Point has emerged a bustling cosmopolitan hub. Many of society’s members from Lord Somerset to impoverished immigrant workers, sailors, paupers, and some of the Cape Malay population have made this area their home. Today it is occupied predominantly by young professionals and is also home to Cape Town’s vibrant LGBT community.

The area hosts trendy restaurants and a busy, yet classy nightlife. A perfect location for the Somerset Hospital in the 1860s, it was, and still is, a verdant & healthy environment thanks to the large, eco-friendly space that the Green Point Common encapsulates. A further host to the Cape Town Stadium, the Green Point Urban Park and the Biodiversity Gardens, the Common is a substantially significant public space.

 Teaming up with Green Point’s local CID, OurHood is proud to be associated with such an outstanding representative on a local governance level. Attempting to create a safer, cleaner and more attractive Hood, The Green Point City Improvement District (GPCID) has been up and running for more than a decade.

The list of services the GPCID provides includes security, cleansing, upgrading open public spaces, marketing activities to promote businesses and services in the area and social intervention.

 The area is bordered by a number of roads; check the list to see if you fall into Green Point:

Bay Road,
Beach Road,
Portswood Road,
Helen Suzman Boulevard.
Buitengracht Street,
Strand Street,
Merriman Road,
Springbok Road,
Glengarrif Road,
Beach Road

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The OurHood Team