OurHood has linked up with Nifty250 and 2oceansvibe in an effort to get you out and about and taking pics of your favourite neighbourhood spots.

All you have to do is to snap a scenic picture, or a picture of you socialising in your hood. Then upload the picture to your neighbourhood’s noticeboard on OurHood. To be entered into the competition, you must title your post ‘I love my hood – this is why’, and also describe your picture, including the hashtag #nifty250.

Here’s how the competition works:

  1. Login to your neighbourhood on Ourhood (or sign up if  you haven’t joined yet)
  2. Get neighbourhood savvy and snap a scenic pic or a pic of you socialising in your hood. Added bonus for some striking background
  3. Upload the pic to your neighbourhood’s noticeboard on OurHood
  4. Title it: I love my hood – this is why  
  5. Then in the content box for your post, describe the picture. Tell us what makes it so special. Add the hashtag #nifty250 at the end of the post.
  6. Got it, great? Now go have some fun.

So start uploading your pics. The competition closes on 11th December and 3 winners will be chosen.

Every winner will receive 100 polaroid prints from the wonderful Nifty250

Sign in/ up herewww.ourhood.co.za/login, and start the ball rolling in your OurHood site – be the first to enter the photo competition in your hood!

The OurHood Team!

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